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Musto Performance Clothing: The Snug Story – Then and Now

MUSTO is one of the world’s leading performance clothing brands, providing specialist equipment for sailing and equestrian competitors, amongst others. Their clothing uses the latest technology to help wearers withstand the elements, and back in the mid-80s, the most cutting-edge clothing technology around was fleece.

Current season MUSTO Men’s Snug Blouson

Fleece was first introduced to the British market when Keith Musto, founder of the MUSTO brand, was told about this new fabric that had become a hit in the States through a company called Molden Mills. After flying out to America to look at it first hand, Keith used most of his company’s finances to ship a 20ft container full of fleece back to Britain.

This fleece was used to make two products, the Snug Blouson and Snug Shirt. During the design process, the team had decided to use self colour cuff and trims rather then use the combination colour which was around the neck, they felt that this made the jacket look more stylish and modern and added more quality to the product.

These items were the first fleece products to hit the UK market and became very popular very quickly. They were a new and fresh product which had the MUSTO quality about them. These helped to dominate the core markets and kept the company busy and afloat through the 80’s recession.

Today, the Snug Blouson and Shirt are still two of MUSTO’s most popular products, selling up to 30,000 items every year since the range was launched. The Snug range now encompasses a whole host of different products, including chaps, neck towels and jackets.

Current season MUSTO Women’s Snug Blouson

As well as fleeces, all of MUSTO’s clothing is made using the best technology that allows them to withstand whatever Mother Nature may throw at you. A number of jackets in the outdoor range are made from GORE-TEX® and Windstopper® material, making them water and windproof, as well as highly breathable. Fleece products are made using Polartec® fabric, which keeps the body warm and dries quickly, while jackets with Primaloft® use a patented microfiber structure to help the body retain warmth and conserve energy.

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  • Glen brooks says:

    I have had a snug for 6 years and it is a little grubby now so I went to Excel boat show to buy another, unfortunately the new snugs are a different cut and the material seems thinner, the zips seem cheaper quality also, didn’t buy one. I understand cost reduction policies but on a classic item as the snug it’s not on.

  • admin says:

    We’re very pleased to hear that your snug has lasted you so long! A bunch of us in the office have old Musto jackets in similar states that we can’t quite throw out either… The snug has improved a lot though, you should check out the latest version.

  • Jonathan M says:

    I’m still sailing in my original Snug, which I bought around 1988. Nice grey outer (with lots of rips now), friends always comment on the lurid pink fleece lining.

    I’m loathe to buy a new one as I’m rather attached to it.

  • J. Sourioux says:

    J’ai acheté mon premier snug il y a 10 ans, mon deuxième il y a 5 ans, je vais en acheter un autre…

  • A Simson says:

    My mum had a Musto shrug back in the day, and she used to wear it on when we went skiing.

  • Finlay S says:

    I’ve had a Musto snug for as long as I can remember. I’m fairly young, but that’s still saying something.

  • Mr Simpson says:

    My snug is trusty and sturdy…. Good old Musto….

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