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MUSTO and West London Shooting School – Gunfits & Clothing

Shooting is no different from any other sport. Whilst the essentials are down to plenty of practice, based on a sound technique resulting from top quality instruction the best equipment and clothing give an undoubted advantage.


This is why we believe there has been huge mutual benefit in our long association with Musto. A gun that fits will not make you a better shot per se, but it will always be working with you and not against you. The same goes for the clothes you wear for your chosen sport. We at West London take great care in achieving accurate gun fit measurements using one of our 16 try guns. After shooting the gun at various clays, to ensure it works in practice as well as in theory, it will be measured on the jig to complete the process ready for the gun maker.

Roddy in the Loddington Jacket

Having achieved the correct gun fit we don’t want bulky clothing to change that fit or for you to have to stay cold and wet to allow it to work!

Musto believe in the layering system, using highly technical cloth to keep you dry whilst maintaining the right body temperature.  Their system, proven in the Southern Ocean works just as well on shore.  To shoot to your best ability you need good freedom of movement and the gun must not snag. Musto achieve this through light thin layers. We have long advocated that bulky clothing is not the answer and so we find the Musto approach works hand in hand with our principles. This is apparent in both their clay and game shooting ranges, but notably in three new products for this season:

Fenland Packaway Jacket – it’s lightweight only at only 600 grams and packs into its own pocket which includes a belt loop clip. It’s ideal for the early game season and throughout the year as the outer layer in the 3-Layer System.  Features include shooting style handwarmer pockets, cartridge pockets and a detachable hood.

Loddington – features a light outer, GORE-TEX® lining, the world’s most durably waterproof highly breathable fabric available and a thin insulating wading.  Musto makes a donation for every jacket sold to support the GWCT’s invaluable conservation work.

Lightweight Machine Washable Tweed – the lightest and easiest to care for tweed in the range.  The thin but durable cloth, action back, articulate sleeves and the overall cut all combine to help to keep freedom of movement high and the gun mount smooth.

Machine Washable Tweed

Our instructors will be wearing the Fenland and Loddington Jackets throughout the season, day in day out, whatever the weather.

Roddy Richmond-Watson

WLSS Director

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