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News from the Musto Guildford Store

Mairi from the MUSTO Guildford store emailed us this week with an update of what her and the rest of the staff have been getting up to lately:

‘With the weather turning very wintery this week I have dug out my winter riding clothes.  I ride at 6.30am before work!  My winter wardrobe to keep me warm when I ride consists of MUSTO Ultimate Snug Jods, MUSTO Snug Blouson, MUSTO Thermal Base Layer Turtle Neck, Thermal Socks and MUSTO Innovation Macwet Riding Gloves.  I am the warmest person on the yard. I am looking forward to a busy winter with a lot of hunting planned!’

Mairi on her horse Murphy at an Intro event at Twesledown earlier this year

‘Georgie is perusing her passion for fashion with an acceptance onto a Fashion Retail Branding and Visual Merchandising course at the University of the Arts at the London College of Fashion.  She has started and is loving it.  Georgie does all our window displays at Guildford so they will going forward look better than ever with her new inspiration!  For her presentation interview Georgie took along the Men’s Pea Coat which is right on trend just now.’

‘Theresa has been away at a Ninjitsu weekend.  Martial arts is her passion and she had a very enjoyable time yet was a little stiff and sore on Monday!’

The Guildford store is also currently offering up to 50% off selected lines.  If you don’t live near Surrey, find your nearest store and check out our mid-season promotions!

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