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Nigel Musto in the Challenger World London Triathlon

Our CEO, Nigel Musto, competed in the 2010 Challenger World London Triathlon which took place yesterday around the capital.  He completed the event, got the medal and the T-shirt and gave us the following account:

‘It was a pretty awesome spectacle and great to be involved in.  6,500 people racing on Sunday going off in waves every 30 minutes.  Twice as many spectators yelling and cheering everyone on, not just those they had come to support.  A real cross section of people, from the ‘Elite’ professionals who had flown in from all over the world for the prize money, all built like racing snakes, to those who looked like they should know better.

The start of the swim was a real zoo.  Over 400 on the line as they had put three age groups together.  Conservative as ever I put myself on the front row of the grid and as the gun went off all hell broke loose.  It felt like being thrown into the washing machine, arms flailing everywhere, goggles being knocked off.  A couple of people had a good go at swimming over me but strategically positioned elbows persuaded them to take an alternative route!  The same problem occurred every time we all converged on a turning mark but you got the hang of it after a while.  Don’t hold back, just get stuck into it.

Out of the water, knackered after a mile and a few scraps, wobble up the slipway, fall over as you are trying to get out of the wetsuit and straight onto the bike.  The morning session had been able to do a single lap from Excel to the Palace of Westminster and back, all the way down the Embankment which would have been great, but they were not allowed to keep the road closed all day so we did two laps to Tower Bridge and back.  Still a great experience.  No cars, blasting through the Limehouse Link tunnel, Police motorcyclists alongside us.

The run was where I came a bit unstuck.  4 laps of a course alongside Victoria Dock, coming into Excel on every lap.  At this point several flights converged so there were a lot of people running round it.  My knees were pretty close to giving up after the first lap so I had to back off a bit and nurse them round.  Not one to enjoy being overtaken this hurt a bit, but at least I’m still walking this morning.

The winner in the Elite class (the Professionals) did it in 1 hour 50 minutes.  In my age group there were 192 competitors.  The winner took 2 hours 15 minutes and the top 15 finished inside 2 hours 30 minutes.  I did it in 2 hours 41 minutes and 57 seconds and finished 52nd in the class.  Without the knee problem I probably could have taken another 3 or 4 minutes off that time.  Those at the back completed in about 4 hours.

Definitely something I would recommend.  10 weeks hard work followed by a great event.  If the event had not been at the end of it I very much doubt I would have trained that hard for 10 weeks, the motivation factor would not have been strong enough, but committing up front and getting a charity on board helped to keep it all going.  Will I do it again?  Yes – if my knees can be persuaded to behave themselves.  I think 2 hours 30 minutes sounds like a good target next year!’

See the 2010 results here and sign up for the 2011 race here.

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