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What ZP176, a country clothes range for MUSTO.

Money talk Zara earns royalties on every ZP176 item sold.

She says ‘Don’t call me a fashion designer!  The range is about practicality.’

We say Anne’s girl is such a professional, she even delayed her honeymoon to launch the line.’

(Taken from Saturday’s ES magazine)

We launched the ZP176 collection last summer and it was so successful that we launched ZP176 Kids this summer too.

Zara wears the ZP176 Zip Neck Sweat and ZP176 inter Socks

A well styled zip neck sweat that sits well with the ZP technical outer wear. Designed with MUSTO / ZP distressed union jack print on back.

  • £65
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • Loose fit
  • Available in Slate Blue or Holly Red

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