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Musto Stories: Rory McDougall’s Jester Challenge

It’s always great to hear from sailors around the world with stories of their adventures whilst wearing MUSTO gear to keep warm and dry.  Michelle from our Exeter store’s husband Rory McDougall recently sailed the Jester Challenge and wrote to us with the following:

‘The thousands of miles upwind against the cold North Atlantic - the Jester Challenge - was all I expected it to be, aboard my 21ft Tiki catamaran ‘Cooking Fat’.  We sailed 3,650 miles in under 34 days to reach Newport, USA from Plymouth, UK.  We battled through 3 gales, one of them wild enough to sink another competitor, endured calms and finally weaved our way through the capricious Gulf Stream.

Sea life visited regularly with a 6ft sea turtle bumping our hulls in Biscay, a deadly man-o-war jellyfish washing aboard off the Azores and a 15ft great white shark checking us out off the Nantucket Shoals!  Sailing into Newport was a lifelong dream for me, after following the OSTAR sailors racing across the Atlantic ever since I was a kid.

The North Atlantic was a chilly 15*C on average during June.  HUGE thanks to MUSTO, I wore a drysuit for the first time in my sailing career.  In fact I mostly lived in the Ocean HPX drysuit for the voyage and loved the feeling of being impervious to gallons of sea water that flood over Cookie on every wave! 


I became pretty adept at wriggling into my “zoot suit” in the tiny space below, but still – the daily body function takes well over half an hour of precision planning and moving in a space smaller than a crawl tent, but it goes to show how manageable the drysuit is to take on and off!

Thanks to all my sponsors and followers we have raised over £2,500 for The Sir Francis Chichester Trust.’

A belated congratulations to Rory.

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