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Route du Rhum Race: Pete Goss Update

We’re keen to hear how Pete Goss is getting on in the Route du Rhum and read The Daily Sail’s report about the race so far. We’re pleased to read in the excerpt below that his MUSTO foulies are being put to good use:

‘Yesterday Pete Goss reported: “Make no mistake the race could be unfolding as I type this for the split in the fleet is starting to pan out.  Yesterday afternoon I gave it all in an effort to tickle under the high without being trapped – a poacher would have been proud of me and it was a great relief to see the wind veer and fill in.

Pete Goss in MUSTO HPX Gear

“The second half of the night was a bit easier as I had got to know the boat better on this point of sail and my confidence in the pilot grows.  The wind also eased slightly so I managed to get about three hours sleep in with a look on deck every half hour.  Just before dawn I put a gybe in and it went like clockwork – another little milestone in our relationship.  She’s a lovely boat.

“With the gybe behind me and dawn lighting the sky I had a quiet hot chocolate and moment of reflection for a very good friend who has just lost his father.  Always a tough time and my heart goes out to him and his family.  Feeling better all round I gave the galley a good clean and had a hearty bag of porridge with raisins.  The first flying fish popped up to say hello and it struck me that the pace of the last four days has been pretty brutal and I am glad to have come through the better for it.  I haven’t taken my MUSTO wet weather gear off since the start but I can sense the temperature rising and look forward to my first shower on deck.”’


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