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Runner’s World: The best winter running kit

The MUSTO Evolution Paclite Jacket is recommended in this month’s issue of Runner’s World magazine:

WINTER GEAR GUIDE From base layers to hats and gloves, here’s the best kit to keep you toasty and dry on the run


Adjustable cuffs For fitting over a watch or rolling up sleeves if you get hot

Anti-odour Contains technology that naturally deodorises the material

Breathable Water vapour can pass through, keeping the garment dry

Compression Squeezes the muscles to promote blood flow and improve posture

Elasticated waistband This can be pulled tight to keep the elements out

Flatlock seams Seams sewn flat to the garment to prevent rubbing or chafing

Fitted Makes you more aerodynamic and allows greater freedom of movement

MP3 friendly Pockets for MP3 player storage and/ or holes for earphone cords

Reflective High visibility sections for running in low light or darkness

Thermal Insulating properties that help you retain body heat

Ventilation Contains vents or mesh panels to allow cooling air in

Water-resistant Will allow moisture in beyond a threshold (unlike waterproof)

Wicking Moves sweat away from your body to the outside of the garment

Wind-resistant The material is tightly woven to prevent wind passing through

Zip garage A hood at the top ot the zip track so you can tuck the zip in’

 ‘Heavy weatherproofing, roomy pockets and a foldaway hood: MUSTO Evolution Paclite Jacket

GORE-TEX Paclite Shell, waterproof and breathable without compromise. It’s high tech, but low weight and stylish.


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