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Sailing basics in T3 Magazine

The MUSTO MPX Race Jacket and HPX Boots are featured in the latest issue of T3 Magazine in an article about sailing:

‘No longer the preserve of Rod Stewart and pirates, sailing is set to make a huge splash at the Olympics, and you too can get involved.  Parrots and scurvy are optional; the kit and tips here less so…’

What you’ll need: MUSTO MPX Race Jacket, £360 Oakley Radarlock Pitch sunglasses, £195 Garmin Forerunner 310XT, £260 MUSTO HPX Boots, £200

The full HPX sailing boots collection: HPX Ocean Boots, HPX Boots, HPX Race Boots and Leather HPX Boots


Yachtsman, Mike Golding OBE, is currently preparing for his fourth entry into the solo non-stop round the world race, the Vendée Glove. Learn from the salty seadog:

  • 1. You need the best training. Here in the UK we are very fortunate; the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) run world-renowned courses and exams that take you from learning to sail to Yacht Master qualifications.
  • 2. Before buying any gear, check out your local watersports club and have a look at the dinghies they have to loan. It’s also important to see what the social side is like; a beer waiting for you on the bar can be a great motivation!
  • 3. Target the area of the sport you have the aptitude to operate in. Sailing is a worldwide and hugely varied industry with jobs at sea or ashore, from skippering private vessels to racing and from boat-building to electricians and engineers – and that’s just for starters…’

FYI Mainbrace splicing and poopdeck scrubbing tips

  • Know your port from your starboard – remember: “pass the port to the left”
  • Learn the lingo, if someone shouts “ready about” don’t stick your head up to answer them; you’ll get smacked in the face by the “boom”, AKA a massive pole made of wood
  • Learn your knots at animatedknots.com. Reefs, bends, hitches and bowlines are especially handy.’

(Originally published in T3 Magazine)

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