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Sailing update from Foiling Moth sailor Richard Lovering

MUSTO-sponsored Foiling Moth sailor Richard Lovering dropped us a line earlier this week with an update on how he’s getting on:

‘I went down to the Parkstone open meeting last week…  First race I came off the line really well and had very good boat speed, first tack and my port strop broke so by the time I had fixed it there was no way I could catch up.  Also on my new sail all my batten poked through the front of all the batten pockets.  Second race I came off the line really well again but I had a problem with my pointing hoping this was to do with the battens.  Third race I was over the line and had to go back and struggled to get thought the fleet…’

Taken from yachtsandyachting.com

‘On Sunday it was blowing 25 knots and it was always looking hard as the boat was being shipped to Spain that evening.  With the wind being so high everyone who was going to Spain did not sail in case anything was broken before going.

Off to Spain this afternoon for this training camp.  I’m going to work really hard on my pointing and boat handing – I may have to make a change to my mast and stiffen up the bottom of it (more testing to be done with this and the new sail).’

We wish Richard all the best in Spain after a difficult open meeting at Parkstone!  The Moth Fest in Pro Vela, Spain kicks tomorrow until 21 May.

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