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Seahorse Sailor of the month: Mark Turner & Tim Smyth

MUSTO sponsors a ‘sailor of the month’ competition column in Seahorse magazine, and we thought we’d share the results with you.  Every month we give away an Evolution Soft Shell Jacket incorporating style, performance and fleece lined GORE-TEX® fabric technology to the lucky winners.

September’s winner is MARK TURNER & TIM SMYTH (NZL):

Congratulations Mark and Tim

“Two bald losers should be able to experience a small level of success!” - David Smyth; “A technical masterpiece that went way over the heads of most lay people…  Simply brilliant” – Graeme Crosby; “It’d be good to see the backroom boys get some credit” – Mark Chisnell; “They never stopped, they pushed themselves and everybody else to the absolute limit” – Thomas Hahn; “Without these two there would have been no 33rd Cup” – Dean Wise [hmm - ed].’



Eat your hearts out, teeny-weenies.  Alone on a Mini 6.50 for 268 days…  That is how long it took this crazy Italian – please take that as a compliment – to sail around the globe, arriving back in Les Sable d’Olonnes (where else) in late July.  Di Benedetto was dismasted before reaching Cape Horn, but after debate with his ‘shore team’ decided a jury rig would get him around the Horn (sic) and then the rest of the way home…


We remain the biggest possible Ben Ainslie fans but a couple of things here…  Firstly someone had to do it and who better than a fellow pom.  Second, 2010 Skandia Sail for Gold only produced one gold medal for Team GBR, so who better to take it than the man who not only had to beat Johnny Foreigner but also the home side’s wunderkind.  Third, we suspect a wounded Ainslie will be a dangerous beast.  OK, three things…

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