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Seahorse Sailor of the Month: David Howlett

MUSTO sponsors a ‘sailor of the month’ competition column in Seahorse magazine, and we thought we’d share the results with you.

Every month we give away an Evolution Soft Shell Jacket incorporating style, performance and fleece lined GORE-TEX® fabric technology to the lucky winners.

November’s winner is DAVID HOWLETT (GBR):

‘Knighthood’ – Nick Griffiths; ‘At least an OBE’ – John Greenwood; ‘Why the reticence about David’s contribution?’ – Richard Hart; ‘He’s done an extraordinary job, first with Iain [Percy] then Ben’ – Vasiliy Kravchenko; ‘Top bloke, ready to help anyone’ – Simon Pettit; ’Great memories, a few shareable’ – Fiona Brockholes; ‘Legend’ – Andrew Howarth; ‘One of the best!’ – Blue Robinson; ‘Unsung hero’ – Marcus Hutchinson; ‘A pain in the arse, but I can’t thank him enough’ – Mark Andrews; ‘Arise, Sir Sid’ – Tony Harris.



Maybe it’s just an overweight clunker but somehow we doubt that. The fact is that however much paddling may be going on out of sight, Emirates TNZ’s first AC72 has been proving a model of reliability as Dalton’s men fly her up and down the gulf to extract the maximum information before starting boat 2. A very different story from the team’s two main rivals; the boys at Cookson’s should take a bow.


Not a bad sailor (like his dad), at age 18 Mead was the youngest skipper to enter the OSTAR three years ago, finishing 6th. Since then, prompted by the drowning last year of a UK sailor, securely tethered to his yacht but unable to keep his head above water, Mead has been developing a new harness intended to ensure that in a similar situation the victim is towed backwards and face-up, to minimise
the deadly ingress of spray and water.

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