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Seahorse Sailor of the Month: Adrian Stead

MUSTO sponsors a ‘sailor of the month’ competition column in Seahorse magazine, and we thought we’d share the results with you.  Every month we give away an Evolution Soft Shell Jacket incorporating style, performance and fleece lined GORE-TEX® fabric technology to the lucky winners.

This month’s winner is ADRIAN STEAD (GBR).

‘Nice guy, annoying to race against!’ – Luke Molloy; ‘One of the coolest guys in sailing’ – Phil Harmer; ‘Good job!’ – Ed Reynolds; ‘Years of getting beat by Ado so it seemed smarter to get him on our boat’ – Terry Hutchinson; ‘A solid player and for a long time’ – Kyle Weaver; ‘What happened to the modelling?’ – Mariana Asprey; ‘A great sailor, and an accountant!’ – Rob Pezman; ‘This man gave up selling cheese to go sailing… the cheese world’s loss’ – Matt Cornwell. 



‘For a couple of decades I have been telling my body, just get me through this [regatta] and I’ll quit…  I came in from today’s practice race [at the windy 2010 Gold Cup in San Fransisco] and my body told me I’d lied.’  At 75 years of age the legend of US Finn sailor Gus Miller just continues to grow.  Always quotable and as passionate about ‘his’ class as he was back in the 1960s, we don’t expect to be talking retirement any time soon.


Yes, we may have to find room for a ‘reader rant’ page next issue, but first reflect on this: whether through timing or skill, the current RORC Commodore was the man in the chair when the RORC and ORC finally found joint-basis to work together on a rating structure such that one day soon the great bulk of the world offshore fleet could share a single system with all the obvious benefits that will bring…  Hoorah.

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