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Seahorse sailor of the month: Niklas Zennstrom

MUSTO sponsors a ‘sailor of the month’ competition column in Seahorse magazine, and we thought we’d share the results with you.  Every month we give away an Evolution Soft Shell Jacket incorporating style, performance and fleece lined GORE-TEX® fabric technology to the lucky winners.

January’s winner is NIKLAS ZENNSTROM (SWE):

‘Owner-driver of the year’ – Rob Weiland (can’t really argue with that – ed); ‘When Niklas does something he tends to do it rather well!’ – Pelle Petersen; ‘And he supports up-and-coming young sailors through the British Keelboat Academy’ – Luke McCarthy; ‘Niklas and Catherine are both terrific people to sail with… and I’ve sailed with a few!’ – Lou Varney; ‘Grattis, Niklas’ – Magnus von Friedrichs; ‘Inspiring… and not just in the sailing’ – Aaron Cooper.’



In 2011 Louie won histhird MedCup in a row, two with ETNZ and the latest with Quantum. Of course, as one of the world’s most talented and sought-after sail trimmers Louie has also won quite afew other prizes… The America’s Cup for ‘one’, plus most of the great inshore and offshore regattas of the world – including the last ‘proper’ Admiral’s Cup back in 1999 when he was a shipmate of our sainted editor.


The Extreme Sailing Series has proved a devastatingly effective feeder for the new America’s Cup, with Guichard one of many sailors to make the successful switch from Mark Turner’s series to the new AC45s and no doubt onward to the AC72s. Guichard stepped off the Alinghi Extreme 40 (and D35) and onto the French Energy Team AC45, which in San Diego promptly lit up to finish solidly up among the big boys.

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