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Seahorse Sailor of the month: Phil Sharp

MUSTO sponsors a ‘sailor of the month’ competition column in Seahorse magazine, and we thought we’d share the results with you.  Every month we give away an Evolution Soft Shell Jacket incorporating style, performance and fleece lined GORE-TEX® fabric technology to the lucky winners.

September’s winner is PHIL SHARP (GBR):

‘The most irritating man I know, it pains me to vote for him but he has an ability to drive himself harder than anyone I have ever raced’ – Simon Hiscocks; ‘Top bloke and one of the few solo guys who can get a 49er round in 20kt’ – Simon Marks; ‘A machine on the water and Britain’s best hope for a Vendée win – please give cash!’ – Toby Smith; ‘Determined, focused and not a bad brother’ – Carolyn Sharp; ‘UK sailing’s best-kept secret…’ – Rod Challinor.



If there is anyone who has done a better job of steering a top-end class through troubled times than Weiland did with the TP52 we want to hear about it. Transform your class in a financial maelstrom… you’d have to be mad. Yet today the TP is now once again delivering the best grand prix racing on the planet. Oh, and Weiland was peerless too in his previous role as one of the world’s very best raceboat build managers.


Of course, it helps when a class manager (above) with a perfect grasp of how an owner-funded fleet operates is backed by customers who also understand the game inside out. This year Schütz did not have time to build his own new Container, as usual, but following an expensive disappointment with the still-born STP65s his last-minute commitment to the TP52 ‘class of 2011’ is being rewarded with a string of good results in the Audi MedCup.

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