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Shooting update from Charlotte Kerwood

Our shooting ambassador Charlotte Kerwood recently sent us the below email updating us on her training and various shoots:

‘The past few weeks have been very busy for me; although I have been in the UK I have still been travelling a lot. We have had two selection shoots this month so far, with another this weekend.’

‘The shoots have been very important as they decide the European and World Championship team.  If you are not in the team you will not make the Olympics.

I shot OK for the first and came 2nd by just 1 target, but the second one last weekend was a little too close…  I ended up 4th and very disappointed with my performance.  I then had a sudden death shoot off, this is where the first person to miss is out.  There was two of us shooting off for the last place in the team…  The lady I shot off with missed her first one out; I stepped up to the stand and smoked it!

So I made it – hard work, but I’m in!

This weekend is the English Open.  Looking forward to it.  Then off to Slovenia for the Shotgun World Cup.  Can’t wait to get away for our English summer and shoot in some sunshine!’


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