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Team Belize in Musto for Olympics training

Andy Wigmore from Team Belize is wearing MUSTO shooting clothes in his training before the London 2012 Olympic Games. He wrote to us with the following update:

“The June Monsoon has tested my training schedule to the limit – cold, wet and miserable, that’s how I would describe the others on my training range.  MUSTO clothing has proved to be the envy of the other participating drowned rats – not me – a force 10 hurricane storm could not dampen my spirits and I stand smugly, head to toe in MUSTO DRY and WARM…

And if an athlete from another country is willing to sacrifice national identity and pride just to be dry on a training range that tells you everything – In the Olympic hopeful spirit I lent him my MUSTO Belize jacket…  So if a very large delegation rings you up and begs for kit please ignore them – I have an advantage that I would like to maintain if that’s OK…

The momentum and excitement is building, Belize still awaits the decision of the tripartite commission on who will be attending – so far 2 athletes have been given their invitation to compete – we are waiting for a further 4, including me…

By the way, I have found a new use for MUSTO clothing – waterproofs if you ride a scooter or bike – better than the current biking clothing – it’s warmer for a start and waterproof…”


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