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The Kirkland Brothers drop us a line

It’s always great to get feedback from MUSTO wearers so we were especially happy to hear back from Zander and Jesse Kirkland of the Bermuda 49er Team.

They wrote to us saying “We would like to thank you for MUSTO’s support of our Olympic Campaign.  With 49er sailing, you need good gear to wear or you can’t sail properly and that is why we are stoked to be kitted out in MUSTO gear.  All the gear we got has come in real handy sailing on this summer’s circuit on the Baltic (Kiel Woche, Euro Champs in Poland).  Thanks again!”

The Kirkland Brothers

So grateful that they took the time to write.  The Kirkland Brothers are two of Bermuda’s top dinghy sailors and specialise in the 49er class.  The 49er is a one of the newer classes of sailing dinghy and is a double handed twin trapeze boat.  Essentially this means that it is sailed by both a helm and a crew.  The helm making can work on the steering whilst the crew handles most of the sail control.

Since it was brought in as an Olympic sailing class it is becoming more and more popular and will feature in the forthcoming 2012 Olympics in the UK.  Zander and Jesse are hoping to qualify for the London Olympics in the 49er class. You can find out more about them on their blog.

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