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Update from Zara Phillips

MUSTO ambassador Zara Phillips dropped us a line this week and we are delighted to learn how she’s getting on:

‘I really enjoy this time of year.  After all the planning and preparation we’ve put into place for the spring and early summer events, it’s good to be able to get out and compete.  The season has really got into its stride now.  I’ll spend a lot of time on my own during the winter months.  That’s holiday time for the girls working at the yard, so I’ll generally take care of things while they’re away.  By the end of February you’re ready to get going again and once spring comes there’s a bit of a buzz about the place.

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‘We’ve currently got seven horses in the yard, which is fewer than I had last year.  It means I can give them all the attention they need going into the season to really see what condition they’re in.  I ride them all each day, which is manageable with that number.  We spend a lot of time working out specific plans for each horse.  It rarely goes exactly the way you planned it, but it’s really important to try and understand why certain things happen, particularly in a competition environment.

‘It’s not just the horses who have to get into decent condition.  I do plenty of riding each day, but I swim and cycle too.  I’ve no idea what distances I do on the bike – I don’t use a mileometer or anything – all I know is that the hills are pretty steep around where I live, so it’s no picnic!’

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‘I’m quite happy with the way the horses have performed so far in competition but it is still early in the season.  High Kingdom came fifth in CIC*** at the Burnham Market International.  At Belton Park, High Kingdom came 13th in the Nomad Advanced Section P, while Lord Lauries came 11th in the Cottages 4 You Advanced Section N. Tiger Lily IX came 6th at Chatsworth Horse Trials in the International Novice Section B.’

The early mornings mucking out have now been replaced with early mornings getting ready for competitions.  It’s a busy month ahead, with events the Samur Horse Trials and lots more besides.

Every week is a seven-day week.  I’m trying not to think beyond the immediate future, but I’d be lying if I said nobody was talking about the Olympics.  We’re all ultimately working towards gaining selection for Team GBR, but personally there’s absolutely no point in thinking beyond the next couple of months ahead.  There are so many things that could go right and wrong between now and 2012 that you just can’t think about it.’

Even if Zara’s trying to focus on the immediate future, we wish her all the best for 2012 prep!


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