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VSR2: The Search for a Breakthrough

The VESTAS Sailrocket 2 project will be returning to the waters of Walvis Bay, Namibia this September with a new hydrofoil package which they hope will bring them an Outright world speed sailing record.

The record currently stands at 55.65 knots (64 mph) and is held by American Kite Surfer Rob Douglas. VESTAS Sailrocket 2 was built in the VESTAS R+D facilities on the Isle of Wight and launched in the Medina River in March 2011. The project then relocated to Namibia where ideal conditions occur on a regular basis.

From its launch in the UK, VESTAS Sailrocket 2 rapidly progressed up the speed sailing ladder and after only 23 runs, hit speeds over 50 knots down the magical mile long course at Walvis Bay’s ‘Speed-spot’. The team then made continual improvements to the boat and tried a number of underwater foil configurations but seemed to be hitting a ‘glass ceiling’ in performance in the low 50 knot speed range regardless of which foil options they tried or how much wind they sailed in.

Stay tuned for news…

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  • las artes says:

    “The fact is that in the world of outright speed sailing, there is nothing of real interest to us below 50 knots. 50 knots has to be a minimum cruise speed for our next boat and it must be able to do it in a wide range of wind and sea states. Some of the problem areas require us to come up with new solutions as we can’t simply force conventional thinking onto an unconventional craft. We have put a lot more effort into making the boat stable in unusual situations. Our first version was a good boat but a lousy aeroplane. The next boat will be stable in both environments. No matter what we come up with… we will be pushing it right to the limit… and be able to bring a passenger along for the ride!

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