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William Fox-Pitt at the European Eventing Championships

This week saw the start of the Eventing European Championships in Malmo, Sweden. MUSTO Ambassador William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning arrived safely on Tuesday morning ready for the first vet inspection to take place on Wednesday. 6 combinations arrived for Great Britain, however sadly after 2 vet inspections Tom McEwen was eliminated leaving Team GB with just 5 rides. The team selection was confirmed as William Fox-Pitt, Tina Cook, Pippa Funnell and Lucy Wiegersma with Izzy Taylor competing as an individual.

William Fox-Pitt European Eventing Championships

The dressage stage kicked off yesterday, with Lucy and Pippa competing first for Team GB. Pippa was up first and rode a good test of 47.6 putting her into 4th place before the first lunch break. As the day progressed only 2 riders managed to break the 70% mark and obtain scores below 40. Lucy rode 2nd and rode a great test of 45.2 and pushing Pippa into 9th position at the end of the day. Team result ended with Germany in 1st, Sweden 2nd and Great Britain in 3rd.

Today was full of excitement as it would see the final two riders from each country compete in dressage and securing the final positions into the Cross Country phase tomorrow. Current European Champion, World Champion and Olympic Champion Michael Jung rode an outstanding test, breaking the 80% barrier and gaining a collection score of 28.6 putting him 11 points ahead of team mate Ingride (2nd place). This is an amazing score given Michael’s top horse, Sam, is out due to injury and Halunke was is 2nd option. Pressure continued to rise for Team GBR riders as Sweden gained top marks with Sara Algotsson-Ostholt and Ludwig Svennerstal.

Tina rode first for Great Britain on Miners Frolic and gained a score of 43.4 securing 4th place before lunch. William was the penultimate combination, and the pressure was on as he needed at least 31 collective marks to put GBR into 2nd place in the teams. Chilli Morning rode a smooth test but an unfortunate mistake in the flying change dropped his points leaving him with a final score of 36.6.

After the dressage stages of the competition the individual and team standings are as follows:

1st Michael Jung – 28.6

2nd William Fox-Pitt – 36.6

12th Tina Cook – 43.4

17th Lucy Wiegersma – 45,2

25th Pippa Funnell – 47.6

Country rankings:

1st Germany – 112.2

2nd Sweden – 120.2

3rd Great Britain – 125.2

4th France – 134.2

5th Italy – 141.6

6th Ireland – 143.4

7th Netherlands – 144.6

8th Belgium – 150.4

Tomorrow is the Cross Country phase and with both the individual and team scores being this close, it could still go either way, there are just 2 show jumps between Michael and William. Tune into FEI TV over the weekend to watch live coverage from Malmo and follow the MUSTO Twitter account for results.

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