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Win a pair of Sunrise Pants!

In the build up to the 2012 equestrian season, we will be interviewing British No.1 William Fox-Pitt and you can get your questions answered.

Post your questions in the comments box below and we will pick the top 10 to be answered and featured, with your name, in our Spring Summer 2012 Catalogue.  Each winner will also receive a pack of Sunrise Signature Pants, worth £20.

Deadline Friday 2 March 2012

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  • joanne cameron says:

    P.S As my little eventer is called Greenburn Sunrise I think I should win a pair of these Sunrise pants!! : )

  • Lucy hunter says:

    What inspired you to become a professional rider? And do you ever have your doubts even though you’re one of the top riders in the UK?

  • janine says:

    I have an ex-flat-racer,just rising 5. had him a year but turned him away for most of the year. how would I start him in eventing? he lacks confidence when faced with basic xc jumps all 2ft and under as I’m giving him a slow introduction without rushing or spoiling him. even with another horse to lead he still wont pop over. others he is totally fine. I’ve not made a big issue out of things with him or forced him etc. how can u build his confidence but not make him fear or hate things? good luck for 2012

  • Hannah Dixon says:

    What’s the best way to keep you and your horse relaxed before you start the event?

  • Natalie Sumner says:

    Being Three times World Number One and eight times British Number One Eventing Rider, you have won a considerable number of major competitions.
    Do you have a particular win that was more satisfying than others?
    Do you still find eventing as exciting as when you first began?

  • Jeannie Goodmon says:

    Who was your mentor growing up?

  • Have you competed in Australia before? Why/why not??

    I know that’s technically two questions but think it’s warranted…. Closely followed by; When are you coming Down Under?!

  • joanne cameron says:

    Hi William, after walking the cross country course do you ever have a ‘bogey fence’ ?

  • Lisa Board says:

    If you could be anyone else for 15 minutes who would you be, when and why?

  • Eloise Chugg-Martin says:

    If you were asked to pick a dream team for London 2012 past or present riders, dead or alive, who would you pick? (you can’t choose yourself ;-))

  • Ann Bone says:

    Where does William get his motivation from to keep going under stressful situations.

  • Sara McComb says:

    We love to see you competing in Ireland, as not many top riders come over to here for events. We do try to give you a warm welcome when you are over, but sadly the weather doesn’t always keep up! Do you find the going much different here when you are at the likes of Ballygrafton or Tattersalls?

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