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Win five Your Horse magazine subscriptions worth £50 each!


We’ve started delivering tailored content to our subscribers based on their preferences and purchases.  Whether you’re a sailor, gun, rider or just love marine-inspired casual clothing, sign up to our new and improved newsletters at musto.com.

Featured in our first equestrian newsletter, we’ve got five subscriptions to Your Horse magazine to give away:

We’ve teamed up with Your Horse to offer five lucky horse lovers a year’s free subscription to the monthly magazine worth £49.90 each, to keep you and your horse happy, healthy and entertained.

Each winner will receive 13 issues of Britain’s best-selling equestrian magazine, jam-packed with news reports, riding instruction, celebrity interviews, competitions, and gear tests.

The new riding section delivers all the expert information you need to become a better rider and get the best from your horse. You’ll even get your copy delivered right to your front door before anyone else can pick theirs up at the shops!


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