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Your questions to William Fox-Pitt answered

We wanted your questions to ask MUSTO ambassador William Fox-Pitt in an interview for our equestrian catalogue.  Here they are:

1) We love to see you competing in Ireland, as not many top riders come over for events. We try to give you a warm welcome when you are over, but sadly the weather doesn’t always keep up! Do you find the going much different here when you are at Ballygrafton or Tattersalls? From Sara McComb

The going isn’t much different in Ireland to what we have in the UK and the events always do their best in accommodating us and ensuring the grounds are well kept. We always enjoy competing in Ireland.

2) Where does William get his motivation from to keep going under stressful situations? From Ann Bone

It can be tough at times, and every sportsman experiences tricky times. But you have to push through these to get to the good times. I enjoy riding horses, especially nice ones, and this always motivates me to push on and get the best results.

3) If you were asked to pick a dream team for London 2012 past or present riders, dead or alive, who would you pick? From Eloise Chugg-Martin

This is a tough one to answer but let’s just hope we get a dream team fit and well for London in July. Fingers crossed I am part of that team!

4) If you could be anyone else for 15 minutes who would you be and why? From Lisa Board

I don’t think there is anyone else I would want to be for 15 minutes. I am fortunate enough to do a job I love, have a great team of support and a wonderful family.

5) After walking the cross country course do you ever have a ‘bogey fence’? From Joanne Cameron

Sometimes you will come across a jump which you will question but I try not to focus too much on just one fence. Problems can arise on any part of the course, so I try to look at the bigger picture.

6) Who was your mentor growing up? From Jeannie Goodmoon

My mother, Marietta, was a huge influence on me growing up and helped me through all stages of my career from Pony Club to 4* level.

7) Being 3 times World number 1 and 8 times British number 1, you have won a considerable number of major competitions. Do you have a particular win that was more satisfying that others, and do you still find eventing as exciting as when you first began? From Natalie Sumner

I think winning my first Burghley in 1994 on Chaka is probably the most significant for me, as both my parents rode at Burghley it was a especially poignant victory for me. Luckily I still find eventing as exciting now as when I rode my first.

8) What’s the best way to keep you and your horse relaxed before you start an event? From Hannah Dixon

I think it is best to stay calm yourself and never be in a hurry. I will take my time to get each horse ready and warmed up before I enter the ring. This will help to keep the horse calm and listening to me rather than being distracted on the course.

9) I have an ex flat race, just rising 5, I have had him a year but turned him away for most of the year, how would I start him in eventing? He lacks confidence at cross country, even when following a lead horse. I have been slow with him and introduced small fences but he still refuses to jump them, how do I build confidence without making him fear or hate things? From Janine

If he finds it that worrying I think you will have a hard time trying to make him into an eventer. I would suggest starting with poles on the floor (literally) and then working your way up from there. This should help to build some confidence over fences then you can look to introduce different types of obstacles.

10) What inspired you to become a professional rider? And do you ever have your doubts even though you’re one of the top riders in the UK? From Lucy Hunter

I was inspired by my first amazing horse, Steadfast, who set me on the road to becoming a professional eventer. Doubts can always creep in, regardless of what sport you do, and at every level. I always try to push them straight back out and focus harder on achieving good results at each event.

Musto has supported William Fox-Pitt since 2002.


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