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Zara Phillips champions 2012 as a turning point for sportswomen

London 2012 was the women’s games” Zara Phillips sums up the Olympics in one word when Stylist meets her at Somerset House, London: “Amazing… The best bit was seeing people who hadn’t watched our sport before really get behind us. After the Games, I competed in Berlin and it was a bit sad – I was like, “What’s happened to the cheering?”

Zara, who won the Eventing World Championship in Aachen in 2006 and was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year afterwards, topped off these achievements with a silver medal as part of Team GB’s eventing team at London 2012.

But the Olympics left another important legacy for Zara: “It was the women’s games. Every time another sportswoman won a medal I was like, “Yes! Girl power!”

She still think there’s a way to go before it’s truly an equal playing field for male and female athletes, though. “The media need to help make things equal. I definitely think, after the coverage we had, there has to be a change in the type of recognition women in sport get. How could there not be?”

For now, Zara is channelling her energies into launching a collection for MUSTO, made up of technical equestrian wear such as an Event Gilet and Grooms Jacket. “What you wear as an athlete is a huge part of how well you perform and the same is true off the field,” she says. “If I’m putting my name on something, I want to be proud of it. Which I am.”

Zara is sponsored by Musto and has created her own collection ‘ZP176‘, prices start from £12; musto.com

(Originally published in Stylist magazine)


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