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Zara Phillips launches new ZP176 kids collection

The launch of Zara Phillips’ latest ZP176 collection on Tuesday has generated lots of articles, including this one from in the Mirror:

Zara Phillips today described her wedding to rugby star Mike Tindall as “amazing”.

But the Queen’s granddaughter admitted she would love to have had time to enjoy a honeymoon with her new husband.

Instead Mike returned to England training yesterday ahead of next month’s rugby world cup, while professional rider Zara launched a range of children’s equestrian clothing today and will compete in the Gatcombe Park horse trials later this week.’

Zara Phillips Launching Musto ZP176 Clothing Range (Pic:Rex)

‘So instead of basking on the beach in an exotic location, the newly-weds will just have to bask in the happy memories of their wedding day and the excitement of starting married life together.

Zara, 30, said: “The day was amazing and to have all of your friends there in one place, for both of us, was the best part of it.

“Unfortunately both of us do have quite busy lives so it’s going to have to wait a bit for a honeymoon, but it is quite nice to go back to work as well.

“We’re kind of missing the quiet period where we can catch up and have some sleep. It’s back to work and that’s what we do.”

She said the day had been nerve-wracking, adding: “Everyone looked really serious when I walked in.”‘

Zara Phillips smiles on her wedding day

‘Zara, who has broken with royal tradition by keeping her maiden name, married her boyfriend of eight years at Edinburgh’s Canongate Kirk on Saturday.

And even though she will continue to compete as Zara Phillips, she still feels like Mrs Tindall.

She explained: “I’m very much Mrs Tindall and will be privately and I’m sure publicly as well, but just for professional and sponsors I’m going to keep Phillips as well – I’ll keep both of them!”‘

Zara Phillips wearing Musto with some young riders

‘Many of the royal family attended, including the Queen and Prince Philip, Prince William and Kate, Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince Harry and her mum Princess Anne.

The England rugby team was also well represented, with manager Martin Johnson among the ushers.

After the ceremony, the reception was held at Holyroodhouse, with the younger guests partying into the early hours and singing along with the band.

The former world champion three-day-eventer was back in her more usual uniform of jeans and a sporty top for today’s launch back home in Gloucestershire after dazzling in an elegant Stuart Parvin gown on her big day.

And while she enjoyed dressing up for the wedding festivities, Zara has no plans to branch out into designing dresses.

She said: “Riding and being outside the whole time, that is kind of the clothes that I know and that I wear every day, so it was easier for me to do that than anything else.

“And then to try and bring that in for the kids as well and it’s been really interesting…and it’s been really fun.

“It’s nice to work around what I do and easier for me to do. It’s always nice to dress up and put a dress on but day in, day out, that (horse riding) is what I do.”‘

Zara with her goddaughters and bridesmaids Nell Maude and Jazz Jocelyn

‘The ZP 176 Kids collection is Zara’s first range for children, and has been made in collaboration with Musto – the clothing company which already has an adult range with Zara.

It was modelled by keen Pony Club members, including two of her god-daughters – Nell Maude, 11, and Jaz Jocelyn, 8, who were also among Zara’s bridesmaids on Saturday.

During the clothing launch the girls took part in mounted games, which saw six riders take their ponies up and down a field showing off their riding talents.

The collection has been designed for seven to 13-year-olds and consists of jackets, T-shirts, hoodies, hats and socks, all in bright colours.’


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