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Zara Phillips’ Top Dressage Tips

Musto ambassador Zara Phillips shared her top dressage tips with us in our AW10 equestrian catalogue:

  1. Make sure you know your test.
  2. Make sure your horse is warmed up within enough time in case something needs changing.
  3. Make sure you take your boots, tail bandage off and the appropriate tack on.
  4. Try and give yourself enough time to trot around the arena so the horse can get used to it.
  5. Make sure you don’t start before the horn and if the horn has sounded, be in the arena before the 45 seconds is up.
  6. Always acknowledge the judges with a smile or hello.
  7. It may help to watch other people first, if you can, to help learn the test and see what the judges are looking for.
  8. Try to stay relaxed and present your horse to the best of your ability – it might sound obvious but it is important to stay focused.
  9. Enjoy it!

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