The revolutionary WINDSTOPPER® structure is ultra-light, ultra-thin, and highly resistant to extreme temperatures. The microporous structure of the WINDSTOPPER®
The WINDSTOPPER® membrane is used as a laminate to form a very breathable & durably windproof barrier. WINDSTOPPER® garments p rovide up to 2 and a half times more thermal insulation than conventional non-laminated garments.

The HPX Pro Series is our pinnacle product, designed and developed in partnership with bone fide ocean sailors to be the ultimate protection against hostile Southern Ocean conditions. Working closely with real sailors gives MUSTO essential knowledge to create the perfect product to meet their needs.

Every fabric sourced, every construction technique used, every design detail added, has been specifically chosen to fit the brief. That’s why Musto is the no.1 choice for so many sailors who need kit that won’t let them down.

The design and development of Musto’s ocean racing gear incorporates rigorous testing by Volvo Ocean Race teams to trial the garments to provide innovative and practical solutions to sailors battling the very worst of the elements. The 2014 sailing range is testimony to this, with photoluminescent reflectors added to all offshore garments as a direct result of feedback from sailors competing in the 2011/12 race. This significant experience and expertise places Musto in a unique position to offer Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing the highest level of protection using the 3 layer system to help its athletes perform to the best of their ability
The 3 Layer System is based on a simple principle – water transmits heat thirty times faster than air. So wet skin gets cold thirty times quicker than dry skin. To keep warm in the worst conditions, first of all you must stay dry. To do this your clothing must transport body moisture away from the skin, hold dry warm air close to the body & keep rain and snow out.
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing is one of the favourites to win the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15. In their own words they are “tried, tested and determined to win”. The Team comprises the most experienced Volvo Ocean Race crew of all the teams – with many of the team competing together not only in the 2011-12 edition of the Race but prior to that.
NAME: Ian Walker
Cambridge University graduate, Ian Walker is one of Britain’s most successful sailors, with two Olympic silver medals, two America’s Cup campaigns and two Volvo Ocean Race campaigns to his name.

Ian was skipper of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s entry in the 2011-12 edition of the Race.

NAME: Adil Khalid
POSITION: Helmsman & Trimmer
UAE national, Adil Khalid, made history in 2011 as the first Arab sailor to compete in the Volvo Ocean Race with Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, helping to inspire a new generation of Emiratis to take to the water.

A rising star of the UAE National Sailing Team, the 26-year-old also became the first Emirati sailor to take part in the Olympic Games in 2008.

NAME: Justin Slattery
POSITION: Bowman, trimmer and helmsman
The man that Ian Walker states he wouldn’t do the Volvo Ocean Race without. Justin is one of the world’s most experienced ocean racers. The 2014-15 edition of the Race will be the fifth time that the Irish Man has competed. He’s looking to lift the trophy again, which he last did with ABN AMRO in 2006.

NAME: Luke “Parko” Parkinson
POSITION: Bowman / Helmsman
24-year-old Parkinson is one of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s (ADOR) two under-30 sailors and is taking on the Volvo Ocean Race for the first time.

Parko, as he is known to the rest of the crew, raced alongside Ian Walker in the 2013 Hong Kong to Vietnam and Sydney to Hobart races. The ADOR skipper was so impressed with the young Australian’s talent and work rate that he offered him a place in the Abu Dhabi crew.

NAME: Phil “Wendy”Harmer
POSITION: Helmsman / Trimmer
Nicknamed “Wendy” after an Australian children’s TV presenter with whom he shares a surname. Wendy also has significant wealth of Volvo Ocean Race experience, this will be the Australians forth time around the Race track and having won the last edition of the Race on board Groupama he’s hoping to lift the trophy twice in a row.

NAME: Simon “SiFi” Fisher
POSITION: Navigator
A highly respected ocean racer who will be competing in the Volvo Ocean Race for a fourth time – and is looking for victory. His excellent all-round skills, fastidious work ethic and easy-going character make him a favourite amongst his teammates.

Aside from his duties at the nav-station, Fisher is also one of the fastest helmsmen in the ADOR crew.

NAME: Roberto “Chuny” Bermúdez de Castro Muñoz
POSITION: Helmsman and Trimmer
Chuny is one of Spain’s most experienced and successful round the world sailor’s. The 2014-15 edition of the Race will be the sixth time the Spaniard competes around the world.

Not only content with competing multiple times in the Volvo Ocean Race, Chuny also competed in the Olympic Games, Athens 2004, and twice in the America’s Cup.

NAME: Daryl Wislang
POSITION: Pitman & Boat Captain
NATIONALITY: New Zealander
Daryl will be competing in the Volvo Ocean Race for a third time. His two roles place him in the thick of the action – his main responsibility is to ensure that the boat and crew are ready for racing, keeping communications open at all times.

NAME: Matt “Xerox” Knighton
POSITION: On Board Reporter
Knighton is an accomplished commercial videographer and keen racing sailor with proven photography and storytelling skills. His professional tenacity in demanding environments make him the perfect match for Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (ADOR).

Arctec high loft fleece is a breakthrough in durable, personal insulation — trusted by our team to preserve core body temperature and maintain optimum working muscle temperature, even in bitter Southern Ocean conditions.

Arctec fleece is soft, lightweight, warm and comfortable. Tiny air pockets in the super high loft fabric structure retain body heat whilst the lightweight breathable properties ensure rapid moisture transfer and the Durable Water Repellent coating ensures rain and spray bead away — keeping you dry, comfortable and warm with minimum bulk.

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