The design and development of Musto’s ocean racing gear incorporates rigorous testing by Volvo Ocean Race teams to trial the garments to provide innovative and practical solutions to sailors battling the very worst of the elements. The 2014 sailing range is testimony to this, with photoluminescent reflectors added to all offshore garments as a direct result of feedback from sailors competing in the 2011/12 race. This significant experience and expertise places Musto in a unique position to offer Team Alvimedica the highest level of protection to help its athletes perform to the best of their ability.
Team Alvimedica are a young American led Team whose dreams of competing in the Volvo Ocean Race became true when Turkish healthcare company, Alvimedica, agreed to support them.

The Team’s driving forces are Charlie Enright and Mark Towill who met at University and took part in Disney’s Morning Light project. The film documents a real-life crew training and competing in the 44th Transpacific Yacht Race aboard a TP52. During the selection trials for the movie Charlie and Mark spent time with previous Volvo Ocean Race competitors and the desire to compete in the round the world race was implanted.

Charlie and Mark are joined by some fellow Americans but also by some hugely experienced crew mates such as 5 times Race veteran, navigator, Will Oxley.

The revolutionary WINDSTOPPER® structure is ultra-light, ultra-thin, and highly resistant to extreme temperatures. The microporous structure of the WINDSTOPPER®
The WINDSTOPPER® membrane is used as a laminate to form a very breathable & durably windproof barrier. WINDSTOPPER® garments p rovide up to 2 and a half times more thermal insulation than conventional non-laminated garments.

The HPX Pro Series is our pinnacle product, designed and developed in partnership with bone fide ocean sailors to be the ultimate protection against hostile Southern Ocean conditions. Working closely with real sailors gives MUSTO essential knowledge to create the perfect product to meet their needs.

Every fabric sourced, every construction technique used, every design detail added, has been specifically chosen to fit the brief. That’s why Musto is the no.1 choice for so many sailors who need kit that won’t let them down.

The 3 Layer System is based on a simple principle – water transmits heat thirty times faster than air. So wet skin gets cold thirty times quicker than dry skin. To keep warm in the worst conditions, first of all you must stay dry. To do this your clothing must transport body moisture away from the skin, hold dry warm air close to the body & keep rain and snow out.
Arctec high loft fleece is a breakthrough in durable, personal insulation — trusted by our team to preserve core body temperature and maintain optimum working muscle temperature, even in bitter Southern Ocean conditions.

Arctec fleece is soft, lightweight, warm and comfortable. Tiny air pockets in the super high loft fabric structure retain body heat whilst the lightweight breathable properties ensure rapid moisture transfer and the Durable Water Repellent coating ensures rain and spray bead away — keeping you dry, comfortable and warm with minimum bulk.

NAME: Charlie Enright
The true beating heart of the Team. Charlie has already accumulated thousands of offshore miles. Before dedicating himself full time to the Volvo Ocean Race Charlie was working at industry leaders North Sails, so as well as leading the Team he’s pretty handy if any sail repairs are needed on board!

NAME: Mark Towill
POSITION: Team Manager and Helmsman
The man who carried the dream alongside Charlie and brought the Team together. As well as an accomplished offshore sailor Mark is a native of Hawaii, and in true Hawaii style he loves all water sports including kite surfing and paddle boarding.

NAME: Will Oxley
POSITION: Navigator
Will is definitely the professor of the Team and one of the most experienced competitors in the whole Race having completed over 240,000 nautical miles of ocean racing.
Not only is Will a hugely proficient ocean racer he’s also a Marine Biologist, studying the Great Barrier Reef from 1992 – 2000.
Will has completed the Volvo Ocean Race twice before in 2008-09 with PUMA Ocean Racing and in the last edition with Camper.

NAME: Alberto Bolzan
POSITION: Trimmer and Helmsman
Adding a European element to the Team Alberto is a hugely accomplished offshore and in shore sailor.

NAME: Dave Swete
POSITION: Helmsman and Trimmer
NATIONALITY: New Zealander
Dave competed in the last Volvo Ocean Race with Team Sanya, picking up the award for best young sailor of the Race. Since his last Race Dave has been racking up the miles, and experience, recently winning the Newport to Bermuda Race. Dave is a graduate of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron youth program.

NAME: Nick Dana
POSITION: Crew Member
Nick has good previous experience of the Race, although this is the first time that he will be counted as a fully-fledged crew member. In 2008-09 Nick was part of the onshore Team for PUMA and in the 2011-12 edition he was the On board reporter for Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing.

NAME: Ryan Houston
POSITION: Crew Member
NATIONALITY: New Zealander
As with fellow crewmate, David Swete, Ryan is an alumni of the New Zealand Yacht Squadron’s youth program. Ryan brings good experience of the Volvo Ocean Race to the Team, having previously competed twice – once with Delta Lloyd and again with Team Sanya. He has also competed in many of the world’s other ocean classics – the Team will be depending on his experience.

NAME: Sébastien Marsset
POSITION: Bowman and Trimmer
The only Frenchman in the Team, Seb spent four years with Groupama and played a vital support role, but did not sail in the 2011-12 edition of the Race which the French team won. As well as providing back-up in Groupama's Volvo campaign, Sebastien took part in their Tour de France à la Voile campaign last year. Seb has also sailed MOD 70s and was heavily involved in the Class 40 between 2006 and 2009.

NAME: Amory Ross
POSITION: On Board Reporter
Amory is a long-time friend of both Charlie and Mark, and was partly responsible for bringing the duo to the attention of the world when he reported onboard some of their previous campaigns. Amory is an even more vital asset to the Team as he was on board reporter on the previous Race for PUMA Ocean Racing. He has an incredible eye for a photo, and a nose for a story. As on board reporter he not only has responsibility of telling the Team’s story to the world but he is also responsible for packing and preparing all the crew meals – which he does with a real passion, which makes Amory, if not the most important man on the Team, then definitely the most loved!

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