The HPX Pro Series is our pinnacle product, designed and developed in partnership with bone fide ocean sailors to be the ultimate protection against hostile Southern Ocean conditions. Working closely with real sailors gives MUSTO essential knowledge to create the perfect product to meet their needs.

Every fabric sourced, every construction technique used, every design detail added, has been specifically chosen to fit the brief. That’s why Musto is the no.1 choice for so many sailors who need kit that won’t let them down.

No one can accuse Team Vestas Wind of not being efficient. The Team was announced on 12th August, took delivery of their boat on 1st September, completed their 2,000 nautical mile non-stop pre-entry requirement and arrived at the Alicante Race Start Village by mid-September as required by Race regulations.

That the Team have only covered 2,000 miles as opposed to the 15,000 plus achieved by Team SCA and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing is no doubt a disadvantage but with the huge wealth of experience on board, starting with four times competitor Chris Nicholson as Skipper, the Team quickly expect to be threatening the current favourites. In Chris’s own words, “We've got the mix right, just give us time”.

The 3 Layer System is based on a simple principle – water transmits heat thirty times faster than air. So wet skin gets cold thirty times quicker than dry skin. To keep warm in the worst conditions, first of all you must stay dry. To do this your clothing must transport body moisture away from the skin, hold dry warm air close to the body & keep rain and snow out.
Arctec high loft fleece is a breakthrough in durable, personal insulation — trusted by our team to preserve core body temperature and maintain optimum working muscle temperature, even in bitter Southern Ocean conditions.

Arctec fleece is soft, lightweight, warm and comfortable. Tiny air pockets in the super high loft fabric structure retain body heat whilst the lightweight breathable properties ensure rapid moisture transfer and the Durable Water Repellent coating ensures rain and spray bead away — keeping you dry, comfortable and warm with minimum bulk.

NAME: Chris “Nico” Nicolson
He may have just picked up his Volvo Ocean 65 but with the wealth of experience that Nico offers as Skipper there is no doubt that it won’t be long into the Race before this Team are fiercely competitive.

This will be Nico’s fifth trip around the world, he was at the helm of second placed Camper in the last edition of the Race. Prior to devoting his time to offshore sailing Nico competed in the Olympic Games twice, and is a six-time world champion.
NAME: Nicolai Sehested
POSITION: Trimmer & Boat Captain
One of the young guns aboard Team Vestas Wind, Nicolai is the youngest ever Dane to compete in the Volvo Ocean Race. He has a good wealth of experience through competing in the Extreme 40s series and the Team feel that he’s more than capable of dealing with the responsibility of Boat Captain.
NAME: Peter Wibroe
Whilst Peter has chosen to pursue a career as a professional sailor there are many other career paths that he could have selected; with a PHD in Pharmacautical Sciences and Master’s degree in nanotechnology Peter’s definitely got brains.
Previously a crew member in the Extreme 40s series, Peter also gained his experience in Melges 32 and RC44 racing. This will be his first Volvo Ocean Race.
NAME: Tony “Trae” Rae
POSITION: Trimmer / Medic / Sail Maker
NATIONALITY: New Zealander
Trae is part of the hugely experienced side of Team Vestas Wind. He has competed in the Volvo Ocean Race four times, making the 2014-15 edition of the Race the fifth time the Kiwi will take on the gruelling race track.

Trae has not only consistently competed in the Volvo Ocean Race, he’s also been part of Team NZ in seven America’s Cup campaigns – making him one of the most respected men in the sport of sailing.

Despite his unbeatable sailing CV what makes Trae the most popular man in the Race Village is that he fronts the Volvo Ocean Race rock band and is always at the heart of a good party.
NAME: Rob “Salty” Salthouse
POSITION: Watch Captain, Driver and Trimmer
NATIONALITY: New Zealander
As with his fellow Kiwi and Aussie team mates Salty brings a huge wealth of experience to the Team. Salty was Nico’s rock on board Camper in the 2011-12 edition of the Race and this will be his forth Volvo Ocean Race. Salty has also participated in four America’s Cup campaigns and completed the Sydney- Hobart race eight times.

NAME: Tom Johnson
POSITION: Bowman and Trimmer
The youngest member of the Team at just 23. Tom most recently competed in the Extreme 40s Series and has a background in Moth and 49er sailing.

NAME: Wouter Verbraak
POSITION: Navigator
Wouter has competed in the Volvo Ocean Race twice, the America’s Cup, the 2011 Barcelona World Race and all world major regattas.

Wouter loves skiing with his family. Unfortunately missing out on this year’s ski-season means he will never keep up with his 10 year old son’s 93km/hr skiing!
NAME: Maciel ‘Cicho’ Cicchetti
POSITION: Watch Captain, Driver and Trimmer
NATIONALITY: Argentinean
Cicho has a wealth of experience across the Volvo Ocean Race and Americas Cup. He is a World Champion in the RC 44 sailing class and a highly sought after trimmer in the TP 52’s. His experience of one-design sailing with the TP 52s, Melges should be invaluable.

Cicho was born in Argentina, married a Swede, and has three children who were all born in different cities around the world.
NAME: Brian Carlin
POSITION: On Board Reporter
Brian has a long history in film and photography in the sailing arena in both match racing and America’s Cup. He’s an Irishman so he’s a born communicator who has already made himself popular with the crew.

Brian not only excels at capturing the Team in action, he’s also a qualified architect.
The revolutionary WINDSTOPPER® structure is ultra-light, ultra-thin, and highly resistant to extreme temperatures. The microporous structure of the WINDSTOPPER®
The WINDSTOPPER® membrane is used as a laminate to form a very breathable & durably windproof barrier. WINDSTOPPER® garments p rovide up to 2 and a half times more thermal insulation than conventional non-laminated garments.

The design and development of Musto’s ocean racing gear incorporates rigorous testing by Volvo Ocean Race teams to trial the garments to provide innovative and practical solutions to sailors battling the very worst of the elements. The 2014 sailing range is testimony to this, with photoluminescent reflectors added to all offshore garments as a direct result of feedback from sailors competing in the 2011/12 race. This significant experience and expertise places Musto in a unique position to offer Team Vestas Wind the highest level of protection to help its athletes perform to the best of their ability.

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