The MUSTO 3-layer Sailing clothing guide


Warmth when you are active does not come from wearing the thickest and heaviest layers you own.
You get the greatest versatility using the 3-layer system.

The 3-layer concept, the idea of layering up in thin layers for warmth, protection and freedom of movement was
revolutionary when it was first recognised. At MUSTO, we were one of the first to champion this idea.
Many outdoor clothing brands had layers available, but never recognised them as a system. We knew there
was a better way to stay warm than just wearing thicker, heavier layers. We were first to spread the concept
a 3-layer system. It was simply passed on by word of mouth for years before people caught on to the incredible
idea and the idea took off in a sailing Whitbread Round the World Race when adventurous sailor
Cornelis van Rietschoten put it to the test in the Southern Ocean to wick away sweat. Now, layering is
standard across all outdoor pursuits.

We have subsequently created dedicated layers for all weather extremes. From
merino wool base layers to insulation-packed middle layers and fully waterproof outer shells. designed to help
you perform in your chosen sport.



Base layers are the foundation of your kit. They are worn next to the skin to create a thin layer of warm air against your body and they come in a variety of fabrics with the multiple purposes. Base layers are designed to keep you warm, wick away sweat and muscle support. Choose your base layer for your level activity and the climate you will be in. In low activity and freezing temperatures, like cruising in the Arctic Circle, you will need thermal base layers. In high aerobic activity in the cold, wear something that is mildly insulating but highly wicking like our Active Base Layers. You can wear warmer insulation over the top, but don’t overheat in your base layer as sweat is the enemy in cold conditions.

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You could be stationary for long stretches, so you need lightweight layers to pull on for vital warmth. The primary role of a mid layer is providing insulation from the weather. When you start moving again, you can pack these breathable mid layers into your bag. Whether it is filled with insulation or blocks the chilling wind, middle layers are essential for maintaining your body temperature.

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The shell or outer layer is the final part of the MUSTO 3-layer system. Although each layer is as important as the next, the shell layer is the primary line of defence against wind, rain and spray. These durable, weatherproof layers are the technical solution you need to overcome the challenges posed by nature’s most trying conditions. Shell layers are robust, windproof, waterproof and breathable – they’re on hand to keep the weather out without weighing you down or adding too much bulk. Technologies including the WINDSTOPPER® and GORE-TEX® membranes provide exceptional performance when you need it most.

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