Schoeller® Fabric Technology

Schoeller® fabrics are known for their high level of durability. In Musto clothing, Schoeller® delivers superior durability and abrasion resistance so your kit lasts even longer.

The benefits of Schoeller Fabric Technology

The Benefits of Schoeller®

  1. Abrasion-proofing
  2. Temperature-resistance
  3. Tear-resistance
  4. High level of comfort


Schoeller® Keprotec®

Schoeller®-Keprotec® is a super-tough fabric that has been combined with fabrics such as CORDURA® and Kevlar®. The result is an abrasion-proof, tear and temperature-resistant fabric.


This soft shell Schoeller® fabric provides you with durability and 4-way stretch. This fabric also offers breathable, wind and water-resistant technical apparel that is comfortable to wear.