clarino™ fabric technology

One of the world’s most popular synthetic leathers. Clarino™ technology designed to provide the luxurious look and feel of genuine leather while offering even greater technical performance. Musto uses Clarino™ fabric in riding and shooting apparel to deliver a combination of traditional aesthetic and contemporary performance.

WHAT IS clarino™?

Lightweight and inherently strong, Clarino™ is three times stronger than real leather and a third of its weight. Dense yet microporous, its breathability allows water vapour and heat to pass through while remaining exceptionally abrasion-resistant, which is why it is featured on high-wear areas on Musto’s shooting jackets.

Clarino™ looks and feels like real leather but won’t age, crack, wear or tear like genuine leather can.

Benefits of Clarino

The benefits of Clarino™

  1. High-strength and durability
  2. Lighter than real leather
  3. A microporous construction: it’s as breathable as premium leather
  4. Machine washable for ease of care


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