D3O® impact technology

D3O® is groundbreaking impact protection. Its intelligent molecules flex with your body as you move. Upon impact, the molecules lock together to absorb and disperse the impact energy, protecting you from the blow.

Drastically reducing the impact of gun recoil to taking the brunt of knocks on the boat: D3O® minimises the risk of injury so you can concentrate on your performance.

How D3O® works

How D3O® Works

Benefits of D3O®

The benefits of D3O® Impact Technology

  1. High level impact absorption
  2. Flexibility for freedom of movement
  3. Reduces risk of injury and damage


Impact in action

D3O® Impact Technology in action

Musto Dinghy and Foiling Sailing Collection

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Discover the Dinghy Collection that incorporates D3O® Impact Protection allowing you to meet any challenge head on.

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