The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
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About The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is a national charity that takes young people between the ages of 8-24 on residential sailing trips, helping them regain their confidence on their way to recovery from cancer.

About the Musto & the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Partnership?

Musto has been one of Dame Ellen MacArthur’s main sponsors throughout her sailing career. Which is why when she first set up her cancer charity in 2003, Musto was proud to extend its support further. The relationship between the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and Musto continues to grow in strength. As do the numbers of young sailors taking part, with record numbers of participants signing up for 2018.

As the world’s leading sailing brand, Musto recognises that the activity has proven benefits and thus the partnership with the Trust is a natural one. Aside from promoting fitness, sailing develops self-esteem and a positive mental attitude. A sense of community and friendship allows young people to fully interact with their environment, and one another, in a way that is vitally constructive on and off the boat. These benefits are invaluable to young people recovering from cancer.

What has Musto helped the Trust achieve?

By providing the Trust’s young sailors and crew with technical gear that keeps them protected against the elements, Musto allows them to focus on the all-important practice of having fun.

Musto was also proud to be one of the main supporters of Round Britain 2017, a project that saw the Trust and its young people circumnavigate the British Isles. Since the voyage began on 20 May 2017, over 125 young people in recovery from cancer from across the UK have been involved in the project, covering 2,206 nautical miles in 17 legs.

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust video

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

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What are the Trust’s favourite Musto products?

Musto’s sailing clothing helps protect young people from the sun, and keeps them warm, dry, safe and comfortable so that they can have fun on board the boat - no matter the weather conditions.

Dr Dave Hobin, a Paediatric Consultant Oncologist, Trustee and Medical Volunteer on the Trust trips explains: “For young people going through chemotherapy treatment or recently finishing, their skin can be sensitised to the effects of UV, so it is essential that during our trips we can provide some level of protection against this, especially when out on the water. The long-sleeved t-shirts and caps kindly provided by Musto helps us achieve this.”

What does the Trust aim to deliver with Musto’s help in the future?

Each year 2,800 young people in the UK finish treatment. Survival rates are increasing, but studies show teens and young adults remain vulnerable post-treatment because it comes at a time of rapid social and emotional development.

The atmosphere a boat creates has an incredibly positive effect on young people. It helps them concentrate on what they can achieve rather than what they cannot. The Trust, along with the support of Musto, aims to continue supporting more young people by enabling them to rebuild personal confidence, learn new skills, re-engage with education and deal with the challenges of employment and life as a young adult.

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