Sailing Holiday Packing List

Sailing Holiday Packing List

Where are you going? What will you be doing? When are you thinking of going? This isn’t just unabashed nosiness on our part - these should be the questions you bear in mind when you’re putting together your sailing holiday packing list. The good news for you if you’re a sun worshipper looking to holiday on European waters between May and September is that you won’t need to worry about packing much more than t-shirts, shorts, swimming gear and something for the evenings. But do ensure the pieces you pick out feature a UV/UPF rating. The glare reflected by the water means that you’re exposed to more sun than you realise when you’re sailing, so it is essential to get a UPF rating on you.

Choosing clothing with a UPF rating means that your skin will be safeguarded by an additional layer of protection. Look for UPF ratings up to 20 that offer protection for low UV light exposure, 25-35 for moderate UV light exposure and 40-50+ for intensely sunny days. Always make sure you supplement your clothing with a good sunscreen when you know you’ll be outside for long periods of time.

UV Protective Clothing

Sun Hats

Day sailors can consider sun hats as a vital accessory out on the open waters. Take Musto’s Evolution Fast Dry Brimmed Hat as an example of why this is the case. Constructed from UPF 40, fast-dry fabric, this intelligently designed accessory will keep your head comfortably dry and your skin sun-safe. A wide brimmed edge provides coverage while a drawstring adjuster keeps the hat secure in strong winds. Musto’s Fast Dry Cap has a more understated style for on and off the boat, but is just as performance-focussed, with a high-grade UPF40 treatment and rapid drying times.

Sun Brimmed HatSun Hat

UV T-Shirts and Polos

Staying dry in the heat is important when it comes to your sailing performance – nobody enjoys the feel of fabric clinging to their skin as they move. The best way to avoid this is to opt for a wicking top. Most technical, wicking fabrics have a treatment applied to them, post-production, which can wear off over time, over multiple washes. That’s why Musto’s Women’s Sunshield Short Sleeve Tee has been designed to deliver wicking performance that comes from the thread itself, so you can consider this a kit bag essential for many sailing trips to come. Breathable and classically styled, the Evolution Sunblock Short Sleeve Polo features a naturally comfortable poly-cotton blend, a UPF 40 rating and a dye fast treatment to keep the colour from fading as a result of sun exposure. 


Sun Shorts

The same principles apply to your legwear – keep fresh and dry by opting for breathable fabrics and protect your skin with a UV treatment. Musto’s Deck UV Fast Dry Shorts, for men and women, feature a fast-dry construction with a UPF 40 treatment. But they also have a number of pockets for secure storage to stop you toing and froing for tools and essentials on deck.


Other Essentials

Keep a 12V charger for your devices, a first aid kit, your toiletries and medications close to hand and a decent pair of deck shoes on your feet! If you’re a highly active sailor or just enjoy surefooted grip on slippery decks, the Dynamic Pro II delivers this confidence. Or for a transitional shoe, Musto’s 064-Pro Neo is an entry-level choice that offers comfort combined with a style that looks just as good off the boat.

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