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How to Choose your Musto bag

We all dream of adventure, of packing in the day job and striking off for distant climes. In our wildest imaginings, we might see ourselves strolling nonchalantly out of the door with a cheery wave to our loved ones and a promise to be back in time for Christmas. We’d be travelling light – unencumbered and ready to seek excitement in whatever form it may present itself. Real adventurers, however, follow the Boy Scout motto: ‘be prepared’. If you’re heading out into the open ocean, ascending into the mountains or exploring a strange and foreign land, you’ll need the right luggage bag to carry all of your outdoor apparel and accessories with you. Find out how to choose the right Musto bag for your adventure with our helpful guide.  

What is the best bag for you?

All of our Musto bags are designed for robust outdoor use and are highly practical, but if you choose the wrong luggage for your activity, you’re liable to cause yourself all manner of problems. Different activities, sports and disciplines have different practical requirements, so before you invest in Musto luggage, you should consider where and when you’re most likely to use it.

Backpacks are designed for comfort and ease of use, ideal if you need your belongings with you at all times. Day sailors, hikers, cyclists and of course backpackers will all benefit more from a backpack than any other kind of luggage. Carryalls and holdalls, meanwhile, aren’t designed to be carried over rough terrain for long periods. They’re designed to be stored below decks, stashed in aeroplane baggage compartments or slipped beneath train seats – large enough to hold all of your essential belongings but compact and durable enough to survive even the most arduous journey. Carryalls and holdalls are ideal for expedition adventurers and overseas holidaymakers alike.


From day backpacks to travel bagsand Luggage

There’s a simple formula to follow when it comes to choosing your luggage: the longer your trip, the bigger the bag you need. Travelling light is always advisable, but long periods away from home require more everyday essentials. If you’re looking for a backpack to take on day hikes, a 20L backpack should offer ample space to carry a packed lunch, a change of clothes, a few outdoor essentials and enough water to keep you hydrated. 40L backpacks will take you further, providing you with enough storage for a weekend camping trip or a hike across a couple of days. For serious expeditions, you’ll need more space in your luggage. Our carryalls and holdalls have capacities of 45L and 60L to carry everything you need for day after day away from home. Washbags, meanwhile, will allow you to keep your toiletries dry, separate from the rest of your belongings and easily to hand when you need them.

Waterproof Luggage

Waterproof bags

When you know what activity you’re doing and for how long, take a look at the technologies and features available in the luggage. Musto bags are designed with innovative fabric technologies and precise attention to detail, but different technologies are best suited to different activities. Our waterproof bags are ideal for any wet weather activities. Whether you’re likely to be spending a lot of time on a spray-soaked deck or hiking through a humid rainforest, the innovative bonded construction of our waterproof backpacks and carryalls will keep your belongings safe and dry. Many of our waterproof bags also feature air valves with which you can compress your luggage, saving space and reducing bulk while on the move. When choosing a backpack, on the other hand, it’s important to consider other technical features. Back and shoulder padding are crucial if you’re going to be spending much of the day with a heavy pack on your back, while chest straps allow you to distribute the load across more of your body for added comfort. 

 Musto Waterproof Holdall LuggageMusto Waterproof Luggage


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