Clipper Round the World Yacht Race


Clipper Race Main Image
Clipper Race Main Image


About the Clipper Race

Eight legs. Eleven 70-foot ocean racing yachts. 40,000 nautical miles. The Clipper Race is an incomparable test of endurance. With competitors ranging from seasoned sailors to absolute beginners, this is an endurance challenge like no other that provides a unique experience for the bold to take on the most gruelling conditions on the planet.

The Clipper Race is the brainchild of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to sail solo non-stop around the world. His aim was to allow anyone, regardless of previous sailing experience, the chance to embrace the thrill of ocean racing; it is the only event of its kind for amateur sailors.

Training is currently underway for the twelfth edition of the biennial sailing event, the Clipper 2019-20 Race, ahead of race start in summer 2019.


The Recommended Kit List

As the official partner to the Clipper Race and to support the event to the fullest, Musto has put together a recommended kit list.






Every piece in this list has been chosen for its ability to provide superior waterproof protection, unrivalled comfort and vital safety on the water. These pieces have been designed to deliver unsurpassed performance. And selected to inspire the same from the sailor wearing them.





But what gives the HPX, and the sailor wearing it, the edge?




Discover the Inside Edge

Graduating to Gold


Discover why Clipper Race have partnered with Musto to keep their crew protected during the race of their lives

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Skipper Approved

The Clipper Race Skippers are the seasoned experts, responsible for guiding each yacht along its way. Even before the race has begun, the skippers inform each crew member about the essential items they must wear to stay protected and comfortable during the race. They recommend Musto’s HPX.


Designed for sailors by sailors

Tested on the water. The Musto design team receives crucial feedback from some of the world’s leading sailors. From the spume visor to the photoluminescent reflectors, every aspect and function of the HPX exists for a reason: to ensure every sailor is safe, protected and can perform at their best.


Manufactured to the highest gold standard

The technology required to manufacture the HPX is so advanced, there’s only five factories in the world that are up to the challenge.


Pushed to the limits

The HPX is literally put through the wringer and pushed to its limits. The suit is trialled out at sea to ensure it can withstand the most extreme conditions that mother nature can throw, and then it’s rigorously tested in the lab to guarantee every individual element is performing as it should.



The Clipper Race Supporter Collection





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