Cohæsive™ Technology

The Cohæsive™ System is the world’s best cord management hardware, using functional components embedded into the fabric of a garment. Its ease of use has made it a key feature in Musto garments, such as parkas, which can be adjusted using one hand - a real benefit when active.

What is Cohæsive™ Technology?

Cohæsive™’s functional components are engineered into the laminate directly onto laser cut textiles. CNC machined top tool transfers heat and pressure from the press while specially developed adhesive bonds the component to the fabric. This allows the single-handed cord-management system its effortless function.

Benefits of Cohæsive

The benefits of Cohæsive™ Technology

  • Efficient, single-handed cord adjustment
  • Industry recognised as the world’s best cord management hardware
  • Resiliently made for enduring durability


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