Dinghy Sailing Summer Essentials Kit

Essential Dinghy Sailing Kit for Summer

Sailing a dinghy is exhilarating. With your hand on the tiller and your body just inches above the water, every action you make earns an instant reaction from the boat. It’s just you, the boat, the water and the wind – and your kit.

Dinghy sailing requires special kit to make sure you have the best – and safest – time. Sailing in summer presents its own unique conditions. When sailing a dinghy, you’re constantly moving, so you need lightweight, flexible and sturdy pieces. Breathability is extra important in summer. And it doesn’t hurt if your gear makes you look stylish too.

Musto’s Dinghy Collection was designed and tested by elite sailors. This means complete peace of mind that these pieces really will enhance your performance, go the extra mile and keep you protected, whether sailing inland or on the coast. Here are five of Musto’s essential items for your summer on the dinghy.

A Versatile Wetsuit

As foiling boats get faster, you need to make sure that you’re protected against injuries caused by impact, able to move freely and feel comfortable in warm weather. This Foiling ThermoCool Impact Wetsuit has been designed specifically to balance your body temperature, resulting incredible comfort. The snug fit and 1.5 – 2.5mm stretch neoprene allow for comfort and a full range of motion. As speed and activity ramps up on the boat, you’ll make good use of the strategically placed internal pockets that allow incredibly protective D3O® pads to be placed into them.

A Secure Buoyancy Aid

No matter how strong a swimmer you are, there’s always the danger of undercurrents, disorientation, and tired muscles after a long day sailing. A buoyancy aid will help you stay afloat and swim more easily, while still allowing you to move around a small boat, furthermore, it is a must have piece of kit for most races and clubs. Musto’s Championship Buoyancy Aid provides 50 Newtons or 11kg of buoyancy. Short, small and with an elasticated hem, it offers the perfect balance of secure safety and unrestricted movement. Reflective prints provide low light visibility; side zips and a waist belt ensure a firm fit that won’t ride up. The zippered front pocket will definitely come in handy –you can pop your sailing knife, spares or even a quick snack in there.



Durable Sailing Gloves

During summer, you might not need gloves for warmth, but you’ll still need them to maintain good grip and protect your hands against abrasions from sheets and control lines. Musto’s Performance Short Fingered Gloves are designed to be comfortable, durable and practical. The reinforced palms and fingers provide extra grip and abrasion protection. The curved fingers remaining exceptionally flexible even after drying.

Musto Best Sailing Shoes

A Completely Waterproof Bag

The last essential dinghy sailing item you’ll need is a waterproof bag. If you want to protect your belongings from splashes or soakings, your bag can’t let in any water. This Waterproof Dry Carryall, from Musto’s expertly engineered Evolution range, will do the trick. The heat-bonded seams and roll top closure guarantee that as long as you don’t fully submerge your bag, not a drop of water will get in. The other details – detachable padded shoulder strap, pressure valve to save space, stylish design – make it even better.

Waterproof Sailing Bag



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