Stay dry in the most testing environments with a water-resistant DWR finish.


Durable Water Repellent (DWR) technology is a polymer coating added to outerwear to provide water-resistant protection. The technology repels water, causing it to bead on a garment’s surface. This makes it roll off the surface rather than soak into the fabric.

Not only does DWR repel liquid, but it does so in a way that lets fabrics breathe. Water droplets run straight off the surface, but vapour can freely escape from inside. This neutralises trapped moisture, and avoids the uncomfortable and movement-restricting feeling of clothing becoming stuck to the skin. DWR prevents fabric from becoming weighed down by excess moisture, leaving the wearer to enjoy comfort and optimised freedom of movement.

Regular use, salt, dirt or repeated washing can reduce the effectiveness of a DWR treatment. It’s best practice to reapply the finish as the garment ages in order to continue reaping the benefits. Find out when and how this should be done at our Product Care hub.

Benefits of BR1

The benefits of DWR

  1. Increased water-resistance
  2. Reduces drying time of a garment
  3. Maintains the breathability of a garment
  4. Durable protection
  5. Easy reapplication
  6. Complements waterproof fabrics by adding further weather-resistance


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