Ventile Parka

The Technology Behind the Ventile® PrimaLoft® Parka

The limited edition Ventile® PrimaLoft® Parka is packed full of features and benefits, making this jacket the essential parka this winter. Windproof, waterproof and breathable, the high spec single layer, grade L24 fabrication of the Ventile® was scientifically developed in England for fighter pilots in WWII. After taking off from the decks of the aircraft carriers, they had no choice but to ditch into the sea as there wasn’t room to land their planes back on deck. The extremely cold temperatures of the water meant the survival rate was very low. Life expectancy was only a few minutes. Ventile® protective suits went into mass production in 1943 and are still used today. They increased survival times from 2 minutes to over 20 minutes allowing for the rescue of over 80% of the pilots who bailed into the sea.

Features and benefits:

High collar construction

The Ventile PrimaLoft Parka hood and collarThe high collar of the Ventile® PrimaLoft® Parka has taken inspiration from our HPX range offering protection against the elements, warmth and comfort. The collar also features high visibility piping along its edge for safety and visibility during low light.

Fully adjustable storm hood

The fully adjustable storm hood with removable trim has been tried and tested by arctic explorers using our Arctic Pro Parkas. The hood construction worked so well we added it to the Ventile® parka giving it unbeatable performance against the elements.

Removable coyote fur trim

We use responsibly sourced coyote fur around the hoods in the Expedition Collection because it doesn’t hold water and never freezes which would create pin sharp ice spikes around the face and eyes. Plus the uneven hair length traps warm air around the face and reduces heat loss. The jackets in our Expedition Collection should be considered essential tools appropriate to their intended use. We do not use fake or faux fur in the Expedition Collection as it does not protect and perform as well as real fur, enabling this jacket to be worn in -30°.

Double Storm Flap

The double storm flap featured on our Ventile® Parka includes a drainage channel covering the zip to prevent water ingress and to help keep out any wind chill.

Ocean pockets

The large roll-over cargo pockets take inspiration from our HPX range. The roll-over closure allows for extra protection against the elements. The pockets also feature fleece lined hand warmer pockets for extra warmth and comfort. Vertical hand warmer pockets are also situated on the chest for ease of access.

PRIMALOFT® GOLD Insulation down blend

The Ventile PrimaLoft Parka pocketsPrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Down Blend is the ultimate in warmth and water repellent performance. It’s a blend of 30% PrimaLoft® insulation with 70% water-repellent goose down are both obtained from socially responsible sources. This blend delivers warmth equivalent to 750 fill power goose down and still retains 95% of its warmth when wet. It is breathable, super lightweight and the ultra-fine fibres offer incredible softness. PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Down Blend is the highest performing PrimaLoft® available allowing you to stay dry and comfortable in even the harshest conditions.

Mens Ventile Parka

VENTILE® cotton outer fabric

The high spec fabrication of Ventile® fabric has been used for over 80 years and is still used today for its unbeatable properties. Ventile® fabric is a 100% untreated and natural cotton. However, the highly dense weave construction of the fabric, where 30% more yarn is used in comparison to conventional cotton, means it expands when wet, preventing water molecules from passing through. Due to the fabric’s uncoated, non-laminated and 100% natural nature, the fabric has unsurpassed breathable performance. As well as being windproof, waterproof and highly breathable, Ventile® is also extremely durable, with high resistance to tearing and burning whilst remaining exceptionally quiet.

Internal security pocket

The internal security pocket is the ideal place to store your valuables. The pocket also includes an MP3 facility, allowing you access to your headphones whilst your player is still safely zipped away.

Internal drawcord and silhouette

The internal drawcord allows for an improved fit which is essential in arctic conditions. The overall silhouette of the Ventile® PrimaLoft® Parka has taken inspiration from our HPX Ocean Jackets which are used by sailors to battle some of the harshest environments on earth like the Southern Ocean.

LYCRA® cuffs

The cuffs featured on the Ventile® PrimaLoft® Parka include Lycra® adjustable inner cuffs with thumb loops to prevent wind, snow and water from entering the jacket. These cuffs have been thoroughly tested in extreme weather conditions.






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