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Sailing Essentials: Guide to Waterproof Luggage

The spray of the waves, the salty sea air blowing across the deck, the unpredictable weather conditions… All of these elements add to the excitement of a voyage on the open water, but they can cause havoc for your possessions on board.

Adventures across both land and sea come with their fair share of baggage attached – sailing equipment, maps and guides, clothes and toiletries; not to mention home comforts such as your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Many of these items are not only valuable, but also necessary for survival. As such, it’s vital that these possessions are shielded from damage during your travels.

Whether you’re embarking on a sailing expedition, a hiking escapade or a family holiday, waterproof luggage guarantees that your belongings will be well protected, whatever weather you face along the way.

Engineered for every adventure, our waterproof bags and luggage range are not only impervious to water; they are also designed to withstand snow, dirt and sand. Many of our bags have designated organisation sections, such as laptop compartments, to add further protection and help you organise your equipment. And you don’t have to worry about the limited storage space available on the water. Our waterproof bags have integrated pressure valves so you can let out excess air so you can pack them into small spaces. 

Here are four key waterproof luggage items you should have for your next adventure:

Backpacks designed for adventure

The perfect sailing trip encompass both land and sea, and a lightweight, waterproof backpack is ideal for protecting your every-day possessions both on and offshore. As you take a hike through the beautiful local scenery, rest-assured that your belongings will be protected come rain or shine. When it’s time to head back to the boat after a long day exploring, a waterproof backpack will ensure that your valuables and essentials are kept dry at all times.

Waterproof back pack

Our 40 Litre Dry Backpack offers guaranteed waterproof protection against rain and spray thanks to its innovative, heat-bonded construction. No stitches or zips means there’s nowhere for water to enter so your possessions remain fully protected. With padded shoulder straps for extra comfort and lightweight enough to wear all day long, you can carry this rucksack with ease as you explore the local terrain.

Waterproof kit bags and holdalls

Waterproof holdalls are perfect for keeping your kit dry in any weather. Ideal for adventure travels, you can store your gear in your holdall and be assured that you have complete waterproof protection from spray on the deck, rain, wind, and even sand.

Evolution Waterproof Holdall

The Evolution Waterproof Holdall is designed to keep your kit completely dry with heat-bonded seams and straps removing the need for zips or stiches. It also offers fully adjustable compression straps and a pressure valve to minimise excess bulk by allowing it to compress and expel excess air making it perfect for storage on-board. Removable, padded should straps and velcro-secured carry handles also make this versatile bag easy and comfortable for travelling.

Smart phone protection

Whether your next adventure takes you across land or sea, your smartphone will ultimately be at your side. Phones are indispensable for taking pictures, GPS navigation, and keeping in touch with family and friends while away. Waterproof smartphone cases offer protection against spray and heavy rain meaning you never have to worry about water damage again.

Waterproof smartphone case

Even in the worst conditions, our Waterproof Smartphone Case will keep your smartphone safe and dry. Boasting seam-sealed construction that is securely waterproof, its clear touch screen case and camera window means that your smartphone stays protected even while you use it. Also, its hi-viz binding and reflective Musto print will make it easy to locate again if you drop it or buried it in your bag.

Showerproof washbag

Invest in a waterproof washbag for your next holiday or sailing trip and protect all of your toiletries against showers and moisture. Designed to shield your products against water damage, your deodorant, soap, toothbrush and other essentials will remain dry even in wet conditions.

Waterproof Washbag

Our Evolution Waterproof Washbag is made from a durable, showerproof shell to protect all of your toiletry products against moisture and water damage. Organisational compartments and sections enable you to conveniently store and organise your products on the go, making this the perfect travel accessory. 






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