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I have been a professional sailor since 2009. I started sailing at the age of 4 and progressed through Optimists and 420’s and started sailing 49ers when I was 18. I sailed Olympic classes full time for 4 years until I decided there was a much wider sailing world outside the Olympics that I wanted to explore. In 2014, I was a member of the Artemis Offshore Academy and competed in the Solitaire Du Figaro. I got the chance to sail MOD70s and got addicted to the speed. I bought a moth in 2014 and started sailing GC32s. I love foiling because of the physical, mental and technical challenge.

Why choose Musto?

The physical demands of these fast boats are high and every ounce of energy needs to move from your body into the boat. Musto gear allows the required freedom of movement whilst offering protection in case the worst should happen.
When competing at a high level, kit needs to be the least of your worries. You should be able to forget about what you are wearing and solely focus solely on the task at hand. Musto, above all, gives me piece of mind that every time I go out sailing I will be able to sail to my highest potential without fear of irritation, cold, heat or failure.

Personal Achievements

  • 1st 49er Under 21 European championships, Plama 2008
  • 2nd 470 European Champoinsips , Largs 2012
  • 2nd Formula 18 World Championships, Italy, Crew 2013
  • La Solitaire Du Figaro 2014
  • 6th overall with team Malizia GC32 Tour 2016

Rich Mason

Future goals

My goal for the future is to continue pushing myself at the fore-front of the sport of sailing. I think that what is happening with foils right now is fantastic and I want to be at the front of the technology curve as it develops.

Tips for beginners

The best thing is to love what you are doing and enjoy the time you spend on the water. The more you love it, the more time you will spend sailing and the better you will become.

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