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The Ocean Cleanup Page

About The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup’s goal is to conduct the largest cleanup in history using a mobile passive system that could remove about half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years.


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Why choose Musto?

The Ocean Cleanup’s partnership with Musto is logical. Musto is a leading technical apparel, footwear and accessory brand with the intention of bettering our oceans. This partnership will help spread The Ocean Cleanup’s mission of ridding our oceans of plastic and build a movement of those who believe in creating a future better than the past.

The Ocean Cleanup and Musto

Working alongside Musto has allowed The Ocean Cleanup to enhance their offshore capabilities thanks to greater offshore equipment. With Musto, The Ocean Cleanup is creating a movement of ocean lovers to fight plastic pollution and increase awareness on the importance of cleaning up the ocean gyres.

The branded pieces in the specially made The Ocean Cleanup Collection can be worn by project supporters to help spread awareness of its work, with 10% of all sales from the range going to The Ocean Cleanup itself.

Future Goals

The Ocean Cleanup along with Musto would like to continue a movement against the ocean plastic pollution problem and push the boundaries of the clothing industries sustainability practices.

The Ocean Clean Up video

The Ocean Cleanup

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