Gore-Tex outdoor Winter Jackets



What is GORE-TEX® fabric?

Your time is precious, which is why protection from the elements is essential when you’re outdoors. Whether you’re mucking out stables, taking a walk in the hills or hitting the city shops, staying warm, dry and comfortable ensures you can make the most of your time doing the things you need to do, uninterrupted. 

To make sure this always happens, Musto uses GORE-TEX®: a world-renowned technology brand that’s known for its highly waterproof, windproof and breathable fabrics. Used in Musto jackets, GORE-TEX® technology ensures garments that keep you protected and in complete comfort, all day long. 

There’s no excuse not to enjoy the world outside your door, whenever you want. 

How does GORE-TEX® work?

GORE-TEX® fabric uses an incredibly innovative membrane construction, sandwiched between the outer shell fabric and an inner liner, which is covered in microscopic pores. These are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule. They provide an exceptional barrier to moisture while remaining completely breathable so that moisture from skin escapes with ease. The result is that you stay warmer when it's cold and drier when active.


Sailing GORE-TEX® Jackets

Being exposed to rain, spray and chilling winds is just part and parcel of being a sailor. Used in line with a 3-Layer System , Musto’s GORE-TEX® jackets provide an effective barrier between you and the worst environments. Designed to offer premium protection, the Solent GORE-TEX® Jacket features a fleece-lined collar for enhanced warmth and an adjustable hood, which will ensure optimal heat retention on-deck (as well as a way to hunker down against the cold and wet).  A micro mesh lining encourages airflow to stop you overheating during periods of intense activity. When competing, look for a jacket that combines this breathability with complete freedom of movement – such as the MPX GORE-TEX® Race Lite Jacket. Designed to be 30% lighter and 20% more breathable than the MPX Offshore version, this jacket features GORE-TEX® Stretch for an unrestricted range of motion. Whether you’re hoisting a sail or grinding a winch, this durable jacket will enhance your performance whilst ensuring an athletic, custom-fit even when worn over layers. Take your protection even higher for offshore sailing. Created to ensure your garment withstands the pressures of the boat, the HPX GORE-TEX® Ocean Jacket features a Gore micro grid backer that reduces weight and the chances of internal abrasion while increasing snag-resistance so you can enjoy protection that lasts the journey. 

Musto Solent Gore-Tex Sailing JacketMPX Race Lite Gore-Tex Sailing JAcket


Shooting GORE-TEX® Jackets

When you’re shooting, you need as much freedom of movement as possible to swing your gun unrestricted whilst benefitting from exceptional waterproof protection.  The Highland GORE-TEX® Jacket delivers both of these in abundance: underarm articulation and an action back allows complete motion while superior GORE-TEX® protection keeps you dry in the wettest weather. Up the ante against the weather in the Light Machine Washable GORE-TEX® Tweed Jacket: constructed from 3-layer GORE-TEX® laminate in a fully seam taped design for resilient waterproof protection. And to save you a trip to the dry cleaners, this unique tweed garment can be washed at home. Ideal for stalking, the Women’s Whisper GORE-TEX® PrimaLoft® Jacket minimises the sound of movement so you can focus on your target, undetected. For enhanced protection against the elements and coverage, the garment features a 2-layer GORE-TEX® Z-liner: an innovative liner that is bonded to the jacket’s super-lightweight fabric ensuring fewer seams for that water can enter through. 

Highland Shooting Gore-Tex JacketTweed Gore-Tex Shooting Jacket


Equestrian GORE-TEX® Jackets

Take to the saddle and work the yard in the anatomically designed Women’s Extremity GORE-TEX® Jacket, constructed with a rear riding vent to lie smoothly over the back of the saddle for greater coverage against the weather.  A 3-layer GORE-TEX® laminate supplies incredible waterproof and windproof protection and breathability while the elimination of side seams and underarm articulation increases mobility, wherever the ride takes you. 

Extremity Gore-Tex Equestrian Jacket


Expedition GORE-TEX® Jackets

Bitter cold calls for exceptional insulation. Which is why when designing for these conditions, Musto uses technical innovations in wadding, such as PrimaLoft®.  As well as providing unmatched warmth, water-resistance and loft, PrimaLoft® offers a high degree of durability that makes it a superior choice in the coldest temperatures.  The Siku GORE-TEX® PrimaLoft® Parka and the Women’s Evolution Arctic GORE-TEX® PrimaLoft® Parka both feature highly waterproof constructions that seal the moisture from snow, frost and rain out, as well as innovations in insulation. With its PrimaLoft® Gold insulation, the Siku has the very best insulation available from the brand to ensure a high degree of heat retention in cold conditions. The Evolution Arctic’s PrimaLoft® Silver’s versatile insulation provides lighter insulation that’s as versatile as the outdoors. 


Arctic Gore-Tex JacketSiku Gore-Tex Jacket





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