Meet ice sailor Václav Hendrych


Meet ice sailor Václav Hendrych

To ensure that we offer the best protection against the harshest conditions, we tested our new AW16 Insulation Collection during the most extreme of sailing disciplines. Discover more about Ice Sailing from international ice sailor Václav Hendrych.


Václav Hendrych



Country of residence

Czech Republic

How did you get into ice sailing?

I got into sailing thanks to my friends who were already involved in it. That was four years ago. Until that time, I was working as a referee in ice sailing races. One time after a race my friend lent me his boat to have a sail and since then I became completely addicted to it!

What are the main differences between sailing on ice rather than water?

The difference is very huge, mainly with regards to the speed of the race and also the speed of decision-making. The way of leading a yacht is also very different.

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What are the ideal weather conditions for ice sailing?

Ideal weather conditions for ice sailing are smooth black ice and wind at 4-8 meters per second. Unfortunately these conditions are very rare. I have experienced it just once when ice sailing.

What is your favourite thing about ice sailing?

It is so great to have a fast sail that is not disrupted by the roar of an engine. It makes you feel awesome, hearing just the sound of the skates on the ice!

How do you train to perform at your peak?

Most of my training is not too specific; it involves various types of fitness. I regularly do sports such as cycling, jogging, and swimming… also from autumn onwards we go to the gym where together with other sailors (from water and ice sailing) we do more specific exercises to raise our form and skillfulness.

What’s the biggest accolade in ice sailing?

Definitely to become a world champion!

What would be your advice to someone who would love to try ice sailing?

To anyone interested in trying ice sailing, I would recommend talking to the community of people who already practice the sport and who are always more than happy to help and give advice. Moreover, they can lend you a boat for your first sail. I’m sure that once you have tried it there is no way back, you will be hooked!

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