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In the Press: MPX Review in Sailing Today Magazine

We love getting feedback from customers all over the world, from Olympic sailors and professionals to enthusiasts and seasoned Musto customers to first-time buyers.

So we were very interested to hear the result of Sailing Today’s long-term test of our sailing gear. They reviewed the MPX Offshore Jacket, and MPX Trousers, in the February issue, as quoted below and gave us a 4/5 score.

"I have been accused by my colleagues in past reviews of being a bit too fond of using the ‘c’ word when it comes to reviewing kit. By that I mean cost.  There have been mutterings in our office that I might be a little bit tight and more obsessed with the price than the actual product.

When asked to do a long term test on a Musto MPX jacket and some trousers, I found myself on the horns of a dilemma.  With a price tag of £655 they have a value that is considerably more than my current car and, even more terrifying, about 1/5th of what I actually paid for my 29ft yacht which is ‘luxurious’ enough for me to live aboard.

I have to say this probably says a lot more about the quality of my car/ boat than anything else and I admit I was pretty thrilled to be using something that didn’t threaten to break as soon as I looked at it. This was particularly piquant given that my previous oilskins (circa 1997) leaked persistently"

North Sea Chill

"Anyway, I have plenty of years’ experience of bobbing around the North Sea and other sub-zero stretches of water in sub-standard waterproofs, so I was interested to see if a substantial investment would make me substantially more comfortable.

The GORE-TEX breathable MPX Offshore collection is one down from the absolute top of the range HPX Ocean, which presumably not only keeps you warm and dry, but also makes you a cup of tea too. You’re looking at some top notch oilies here and, inevitably, they were excellent. As a final test, I took them to the Lake District at the peak of the winter cold snap and they performed admirably in the -10°C experienced at the top of the Langdale Pikes."

Musto Offshore JacketSailing Trousers


"One of the main benefits when it was really cold was the high collar and the face flap, which almost left you completely mummified. I often find that oilies don’t cover enough of your face and, zipped up, the collar is so tight it suffocates you.  The problem is that its strong point is also its weakness, because when it gets a bit warmer the hood stops being snug and is just a bit bulky and too high to feel the breeze. However, I’d take that.

Beyond that, the fabric was flexible and comfortable, while there were innumerable fleece lined pocked (five in the jacket, three in the trousers), which were all very handy. There was also a decent sized hang up loop on the jacket, but nothing on the salopettes, which is annoying; you need to hang them up just as much as the top half and coming back to them lying in a damp heap in your wet locker is no fun.In addition to this, the vast swathes of Velcro meant that I was always struggling to get into them as the sleeves kept attaching themselves to various other strips, which have been liberally sewn all over the jacket.I also had a bit of an issue with the colour. Dark and light grey, which looks pretty flash, but slightly less so after a couple of months when it’s covered in grease from my relentlessly truculent outboard. Other than that, I can’t really knock ‘em; they’re waterproof, and kept me warm in ludicrous temperatures. What more could you want? Just don’t mention the ‘c’ word."

WE LIKE: Huge collar that can almost completely cover your face.  Very effective.
WE DON’T LIKE: Impractical colour.  Deep pockets required.
VERDICT 4/5: Undoubtedly top quality oilies, but cost is a problem.  Given that they’re competitively priced within the market, you’d have to argue that the price is fair, just a bit out of my league.’





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