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What to Wear for Skiing and Snow Sports

When it comes to maximising your time in the snow, whether skiing, snowboarding or just enjoying the wintery outdoors, your jacket is one of your most essential pieces of clothing.

Remember, when it comes to high energy activities like skiing, warmer doesn’t mean better! However, if you are just ambling through the countryside, you will be best with something more insulated.

So when looking for the best jacket for you, think about how much energy you’ll expend in your activity, how cold the environment will be, and whether you will be stationary for any length of time.


When you’re enjoying the snow at a leisurely pace, you want a good all-round winter jacket that will keep the cold at bay and regulate your temperature. You will need extra help to maintain your core temperature when you’re not generating much body heat yourself. So, look for insulation, preferably synthetic insulation that doesn’t clump and get wet in the snow. PrimaLoft® Insulation is excellent, being lightweight, breathable and water resistant.

It is a good idea to go for something waterproof too. Snow can get slushy and the weather can quickly turn. But make sure it breathes. Even when you aren’t expending loads of energy, you generate heat and certainly don’t want to get sweaty in freezing cold weather.

Musto men’s Bering PrimaLoft® Jacket is the ideal all-round snow jacket with lightweight insulation, a high level of breathability and waterproof protection.

Skiing Waterproof Jacket


The biggest mistake you could make when choosing a ski jacket is assuming that the warmer the jacket the better. Think of skiing as an athletic activity and you’ll quickly realise that you might not want to be wrapped up in duvet-like down over woolly jumpers. Imagine going for a jog like that!

Skiing is done in very low temperatures with your body temperature rising quickly with exertion. Your jacket needs to be able to combat both extremes effectively. You’ll sit stationary on a ski lift in the cold wind, so you’ll want a warm jacket with light, water resistant insulation. But then you’ll be warming up as you ski back downhill, so you need something breathable that you won’t overheat in. It’s a mix that is often difficult to get right, but can be helped by wearing several lightweight layers that you can add or take off as you need.

Other key features to look for in good ski jackets are a snow skirt and inner cuffs to prevent the snow going up your jacket or down the sleeves and safety features to keep you safe. Musto’s Nanuk Jacket has been designed for piste skiing. Waterproof and breathable to Musto’s BR2 standard.

Womens alpine jacket


With back country skiing and touring, performance is everything. You are exerting huge amounts of energy hiking up and then skiing down the mountain in deep powder and steep lines. This demands exceptional breathability.

You start out cold, in freezing conditions, and soon become very hot. Proper layering is essential for this kind of activity. Wear several thin base layers and mid layers and choose a non-insulated, highly breathable shell jacket to wear on top. A waterproof jacket cuts out wind and protects you from wet snow too. For this, there are few materials that rival GORE-TEX® fabric. It is waterproof, highly breathable and completely windproof.

In deep powder, you need a helmet-compatible hood with a stiffened peak that allows maximum visibility, a snow skirt to keep the powder out, pit zips for extra ventilation and pockets to keep essential equipment to hand.

The Nanuk BR2 Jacket has both of the above. Its helmet-compatible design ensures you stay safe on the peaks and takes the brunt of the snowfall in snowy and freezing environments. Seamless tab adjusters at the cuff help seal in your body heat, with fully taped seams work to keep moisture and water away from the body, enhancing your comfort in the worst, or arguably best, conditions.


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