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About The Prince's Countryside Fund

We often take our beautiful and majestic British landscapes for granted but without the people who live and work there, farmers and rural workers, they would not be the places we know and love.
Farming is facing very uncertain times. But with the help of Musto, The Prince’s Countryside Fund can support projects that inspire farmers to make their businesses more resilient and equip new generations with the skills needed to look after the woodlands, forests and drystone walls that characterise our wonderful scenery.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund Collection

The Prince’s Countryside Fund Collection, developed by Musto. This line has been designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in all weathers. Whether you work in the countryside or have a passion for the outdoors, everything in the range has been precision-engineered to ensure the best protection in changeable weather. So forget about the elements. Focus on the Great British Countryside. A percentage of all sales from this collection goes towards supporting the Fund and the incredible work they do.
Five per cent from the sale of these products will go to The Prince’s Countryside Fund (charity number 1136077) through Countryside Fund Trading Ltd (company number 7274582) totalling a minimum Royalty of £10,000 during the term of the agreement

Why choose Musto?

Living and working in the countryside can be tough. Musto understands the extremes of British weather and the hostile nature of some of our most iconic landscapes. Having the right clothing to carry out the job is just as important as having the training, skills and support.
For the millions of people who enjoy our countryside each year there are thousands of people dedicated to managing our landscapes, growing our rural industries and ensuring our shops and pubs are viable and open for business.
Whether it’s a leisurely weekend in the country or a hike in our National Parks it’s the people in the countryside working behind the scenes that make sure it’s an experience to remember.

The Prince's Countryside Fund and Musto

Working alongside Musto allow us to raise awareness of the difficulties of living and working in the countryside.

Future Goals

Our goal is to continue funding innovative and essential projects that support the people who live and work in the countryside. This will mean we can help secure a viable future for family farms, make rural communities a vibrant place to live and work and support the next generation.

Our Countryside
Our Countryside


The British countryside lies at the heart of the nation. A source of sustenance, beauty and inspiration, it is vital that it is protected along with the people who work within it and the communities that call it home. Musto, in proud association with The Prince’s Countryside Fund, has launched its ‘Our Countryside’ campaign. This aims to raise awareness of the partnership and on how best to support the future of this vital landscape; encouraging everyone to think about the impact the British countryside has on their lives.

The campaign showcases the views and experiences of JB Gill and Liz Earle – familiar faces whose inspirational stories all lead back to the British countryside.

JB Gill

Former band member of one of the UK’s most successful boybands, JLS, now a TV presenter and farm enthusiast. In his interview, JB Gill recounts his story of buying a quiet retreat, developing it into a farm and working with his local community to support and rear Christmas turkeys. Since then, he has become a voice for the farming community. He has helped raise awareness on the importance of educating young people about where their food comes from and the understated importance of farming.

JB Gill Video


Watch the video

Liz Earle

A best-selling author, TV presenter, entrepreneur, and organic and pasture-fed farmer. Liz Earle’s interview provides insight into her farming projects while expanding on her ‘you are what you eat’ philosophy. Her work raises awareness around locally-sourced food, food awareness and the importance of British agriculture.

Liz Earle Gill Video

Liz Earle

Watch the video

This is what the British Countryside means to them.

But what does it mean to you?

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